Monday, January 29, 2007

Diamonds, One Of A Girl's Best Friends - A Sponsored Post

I've been thinking about buying TheRedhead a diamond. TheSpecialOne already has some.

As much as Pay Per Post ads work into the content of this blog, it's even better how much they fit into the ebb and flow of my life.

At times, it almost appears there's some type of cosmic connection. The latest and greatest is that Diamond House Arizona has opened a new eBay store! Check it out, Diamond House Arizona, Loose Diamonds Section.

The new eBay store sells almost everything at a 30%-50% discount! Price isn't the only, or the main, consideration when it comes to diamonds. Ensuring high quality products has been a company priority.

Customer Service is another big concern many people have when they consider buying online. Checking out the store's feedback page, the Diamond House Arizona online sales director gets rave reviews! For me, feedback from those that came to a story before you speaks louder than any sales pitch. Then there's the customer support director whom you can reach via a toll free number. Another big score in terms of service quality.

What is different about this eBay store from others is that "the lights always on". If you have questions or need help, you can reach someone.

As good as the 30 days money policy is, this is my favorite. You can upgrade the diamond you bought a year later and get credit on the new purchase in the same amount that you paid for the original diamond!!

If you're in the market for loose diamonds, keep this eBay store in mind: Diamond House Arizona, Loose Diamonds Section.

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