Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A Final Look Before Moving On

File this under under vast miscalculation...

The first Gonzo Carnival has come and gone with little fanfare. The B$ Carnival turned out to be BS. It was disappointing to have only seven blogs represented.

Blog Carnival sent a reminder email about the date; it noted carnivals can be rescheduled. The tiny group of people had done what they were asked; we believed they deserved to have the event as scheduled.

After all the promotion and networking, there was nothing to do other than post or cancel. Cancel was never an option.

What it comes down to is that when we put our heads together and decided to feature Blog Shares in the carnival it was a vast miscalculation. People with blogs listed on Blog Shares it appears fall basically into four groups:
  • They are disengaged; many having completely forgotten they are listed at all beyond having the button posted
  • Those who joined in the first place only for the benefit of the incoming links
  • They are there to play the game without ever looking at any of the blogs in which they have stock; nor do they care about anything other than whatever success in the game means to them
  • Those who are both into the game and wanting greater success for their blog
So goes life. We are hopeful the bloggers who participated gained a benefit; if nothing more to learn about the process.

Blogging is likely a small part of most peoples' lives. If the defeats we suffer here are the only ones we have to deal with, life would certainly be good.

So, we move on to bigger and better things. Happy blogging all; see you at the next carnival!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'm one of those who joined BlogShares strickly as an SEO move. I do try to keep my blogs' stocks available for sale, but I don't buy anyone else's stock. I'm not really interested in the game, itself. So I would never have seen any of your promotion ads for a Carnival, as far as BlogShares is concerned.

Sorry this Carnival didn't work out well, but I did my part.