Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A Hiring Solution For Employers - A Sponsored Post

The Pacific Rim represents the biggest boomingest economy in the world. Meanwhile, in the United States the Hispanic population is skyrocketing. Both these situations provide both opportunities and challenges for employers.

I normally work with small to medium sized companies. A few of my clients have had their businesses bought out by larger companies. Some have given up the independence, and risk, of self employment to take jobs. Either way, I have connections with some big companies that open up a world of opportunities.

It also give me knowledge of both needs and solutions; as well as the necessity of keeping an eye out for new solutions. One such opportunity that's come to light is due to Pay Per Post. They have a listing from firm that enables companies to Recruit bilingual job seekers the easy way.

You can be sure these are URL's I'm passing along. In this day and age, you don't have to be a conglomerate to do business around the world. That makes the ability to Recruit bilingual job seekers the easy way an even higher priority. You can have the best product or service in the world; if you don't know the language in the market were you want to do business there won't be any business.

One of the features that makes and more successful than monster or careerbuilder for companies seeking bilingual employees is the use of niche job boards. Another benefit for companies is eliminating the financial burden to shop for candidates. They can register without cost and then search for and view resumes in the database without paying an upfront fee. There's no charge unless they find a qualified candidate that they want to pursue.

The flexibility built into the system for employers is an added plus. The company can write as much text as they want; the category where the position is posted can be switched as well as the city and state at any time during the 60-day posting period. Most companies require additional payment for such options.

There's a great getting started guide that will put small and large companies on the right path for hiring qualified bilingual job seekers.

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