Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Networking For Success; The Price You're Willing To Pay

Have you had a look at the new and ever expanding sidebar feature to Increase Site Traffic?

There are tons of sites in the blogosphere and, of course, services for pay related to generating traffic Some a combination of both. If you have a subject you're interest in there's a related group to join, a web ring you can be part of or a link exchange to be had.

It depends, I suppose, how dedicated you are to attract an audience. I'm not interested enough to pay for visitors; that would defeat the purpose of writing Pay Per Post ads. The reverse side of that is that lacking Page Rank shuts you out of some opportunities offered by advertisers.

I have added META Tags and am having the site submitted to search engines. We'll see what difference that makes.

Aside from launching the Gonzo Blog Carnival series, I'm planning to start attending carnivals. I think it will be fun checking out other blogs; seeing what I might learn to improve and having some new people visiting.

If you have suggestions for link exchanges that I can add or groups I can join to attract new visitors I'd be interested in checking them out. A basic problem is that a simple listing rarely generates response; you need to devote time and energy if not effort. If it's a relationship worth having, I'm willing to make it happen.

If you sign on for any of the services listed in the sidebar I'd appreciate any feedback on how they work out for you.

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