Tuesday, January 09, 2007

OH... UH OH 8-( ----- aka Fear And Loathing In The Buckeye State

In August fans of the Ohio State Buckeyes shrugged it off then the team was ranked #1 in the pres-season polls. It was a foregone conclusion. Those who favor the scarlet and gray were already planning their trip to Arizona come the first week of January.

Troy Smith led the Buckeyes through the season undefeated. No big deal for the boys from Columbus. He won the Heisman trophy. OK, that got a bit of attention. It wasn't any great surprise though. Just another step along the way as OSU was going wire-to-wire being ranked number one.

When Jon Steward brought The Daily Show to the Columbus, Ohio campus prior to the November election the school's OH IO chant was frequently repeated. There was, it seemed, as much attention devoted to Ohio State as there was talk of the election.

Something happened on the way to picking up the BCS trophy, though. It was a little school called The University of Florida. The Gators knocked off the Buckeyes last night.

Yes, last night OH IO turned to OH UH OH

Northeast Ohio is an interesting place People talk shit about the Pittsburgh Steelers for weeks leading into the games. When they lost there is barely a word spoken. Yes, there's the requisite complaining, bitching and whining. The talking heads. though, rush through the highlights and move onto something else. Seemingly anything else. As for the "fans" whining seems to be the order of the day.

That has an eerily familiar ring to what's happened this past week. Except it's the Buckeyes not the Browns who screwed the pooch. That, my friends, is why they play the games.

Somehow, it makes having the Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers sitting home this time of year just a little less painful.


Anonymous said...

For a 49er fan, there is nothing that could make the last few years less painful...

Anonymous said...

Unless you know an Atlanta Fan! Pain!

bulletholes said...

Seems like when a team is as heavily favored as Ohio was they have a rough go...Florida came ready to play!