Wednesday, January 03, 2007


The word on the street is that...You could be the next RAZZ Idol!

Yes, Razz is ready to make you a star. At least for your allotted 15 minutes. 8-D

All you have to do is use the RAZZ Mixer.

So, let's think, what would the recording be about?

Maybe a fake news report? Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and Tony Snow are all doing well in that area. Maybe you could play DJ or put together a comedy monologue. How daring are you; a comedy slam may be just the ticket.

There is one more consideration; a straight out, ass kissing razz advertisement.

There is one big ass Grand Prize of $250 and 10 runner-up prizes of $25. It should be noted that a big ass is not required to take home the big check.


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