Saturday, February 03, 2007

Bad Craziness on BLOGSHAREES Street

I've gotten away for a few days with TheSpecialOne.

After a long day of highjinx I've left her sleeping for a bit. I thought I'd log in and check email. What did I find, a message from Blog Shares saying my voting rights have been suspended; due to "inappropriate voting". What you vote on and how you do it is at this point is irrevelent.

This is the response I gave the good folks at Blog Shares:

With all due respect, this is nonsense.

Are you saying I voted wrong on three stocks? I don't doubt I did. If you look back, I'm sure I voted on more than three wrong. Have I ever voted wrong purposefully? No; I don't have the interest, inclination or time to cheat. Nor is it worth my effort.

I have tried to vote based on what I see voted on by other people on other stocks that seem to me similar in theme. That's how I learn, it's right or wrong. If it's right I keep doing it that way. If it's wrong, I see that and don't do it that way.

Am I guity of ANYTHING? Hell no. I say that with no respect whatsoever. This is ridiculous.

Ignorance of the law - or the rules of whatever - is no defense. So,do I have a defense against this infranction I am to have committed? No, I have none.

Find me innocent. Find me guilty. I'm fine with it. Let me keep playing or bounce me out of the game. I'm fine with it either way. I've tried to learn the game; I've tried to have fun. I suspect you should have better things on which to spend your time than someone whose made few errors in voting.

Do me a favor eh, drop me an email and let me know your decision.

Fear And Loathing In The Blogosphere


Anonymous said...

I just thought I'd say that typically, in cases such as this, you'd be issued a handful of "Community Service" blogs to do. This, while deemed a punishment, is actually designed to help you become a better voter and set you for 'life', as it were. You work alongside an Index Manager in your own time (no rush, no messing) and they show you where you're going wrong, how you can earn extra karma and so on.

It's a good system, if you're prepared to give it a try.

Rosemary said...

So that's the email she called you a TWAT over?? ROTFL!!!