Friday, February 23, 2007

Exploring The Blogosphere

I'll never be a poet, but I did post in a poetry carnival!

Check it out, the carnival was hosted by WriterWoman at The Shores Of My Dreams.

Hosting carnivals has been an interesting endeavor. I've been thinking about posting in more. What impact would it have I wonder to post in a carnival once a day? OK, that's not gonna happen. How about once a week. I think that could be doable.

We're planning to continue the Gonzo Blog Carnival Series hosted by For Your Success. It's been great meeting new bloggers. I think getting out to other carnivals would expand those opportunities.

Look for updates on this one.

I'm also going to be exploring another galaxy of the Blogosphere universe; they call it I'll be continuing to maintain The Gonzo Papers of course. I think cross polination between the two domains could be a great thing.

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