Monday, February 19, 2007

Another Year - And 10 Days - Until My Birthday

About a week down the road there should be some interesting posts.

It's become my habit when there's not a February 29th on the calendar to celebrate my birthday from February 26th through March 3rd. Then to rest on the seventh day.

TheSpecialOne is excited that I'll be having a birthDAY next year.

Invariably this is one of the times of year that I think about my family. Mainly about my Mother, Dad and Biological Father.

I'm not sure if I can express my feelings any better than when I posted last Father's Day.

Given that Pay Per Post now offers bloggers the ability to review posts for pay I can't think of anything better to share.

The original narrative:

It only requires sperm for a man to become a father. He needn't have the balls or the backbone to be there when the life he has created arrives. It takes much more for a man to be a dad...heart and soul.

My life has been cursed by the former and blessed by the latter. To borrow a quote, which I shall at this point not purse the attribution, There are no illegitimate children; only illegitimate parents.

The sad - the most painful - part is what a man deprives his offspring of sharing when he runs away to create another family. One is denied the opportunity to know a brother, or a sister, nieces and nephews...because a man lacked the will and the courage to take responsibility for doing the deed.

Child support payments do not make up for the actions of a coward. No, you do not get to take a mulligan in the game of life without penalty.

My biological father died last year. It's bad enough not to be able to stand up to the woman you had your way with. How much of a MAN are you when you run from your child the first time he lays eyes on you? If there's justice beyond this life there should be space set aside in a special corner of hell for pricks like he was.

Happy Father's Day is a misnomer. Fathers who are nothing more than sperm donors is a rampant problem. What it's really about is celebrating Dads. For that, I am thankful to be able to say Happy Day and Thank You, Dad.

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