Sunday, February 11, 2007

This, That And The Other

I had several bouts of Bloggus Interruptus during my first year in The Blogosphere. Over the past two months though, with the advent of Pay Per Post, I've been posting fast and furious. So, I needed a break from blogging.

OK, that's not entirely true. I took a blogging break to get away for awhile with TheSpecialOne. It's always delectable to stoke the fire of passion we share.

I couldn't entirely escape work though. While our debauchery was the focus of the week - we had set off for a weekend away - I did have to fit in alittle work here and there.

I also came upon an interesting email from Blog Shares that resulted in a few posts. For me it was alot of laughs and provided a bit of interesting foreplay. For the folks at Blog Shares, from all indications, not so much. Sadly, in that I wasn't posting otherwise it appears at first glance this blog is All Blog Shares All The Time. It's naught.

I was very pleased to post the newest installment of THE GONZO BLOG CARNIVAL SERIES yesterday. There was good turnout, an interesting group of bloggers and some great posts! Hoping you'll support those who participated.

I've also done an update on Things I've Found In The Blogosphere! Which is where the graphic in this post came from. That blog's been fun to do. It's great to have somewhere to collect the interesting things I run across. Trash, Treasure and Everything In Between, no doubt!! I'd like to get a few more link exchanges there if you're interested.

So, that's the update of the moment. I will be back to my "irregular" posting schedule likely tomorrow. I will also be announcing another project soon.



Tea said...

Hope you had a fun getaway! I wouldn`t mind hosting at some point. Right now I`m battling the darn flu and dragging myself to work, so my heads too foggy to think much about it. Thanks for putting me in your list :)


GrizzBabe said...

Sigh. A week off for debauchery sounds really nice.