Friday, March 30, 2007

Planning A Trip? Where Better Than The Happiest Place On Earth?

TheSpecialOne's friend MarthaStewartLite and her husband GadentGuruHeadShrinker went to jetted off to Florida at the end of February. I was surprised to hear they'd gone to Disney World.

Recently TheSpecialOne has been talking about going to visit The Happiest Place On Earth. That's what attracted me to this Pay Per Post listing for Disney Tickets.

Anytime you go to big time theme parks ticket price is an issue. When your main goal is to get a deal, though, you're also opening the door wide for trouble. is based in Orlando. They've established a great reputation over the years as being a reliable source to get great deals to the major area attractions. It's the largest source for discount Disney tickets.

A great thing can hook you up with is park hopper tickets. Check it out!

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