Friday, March 16, 2007

Where in the WORLD?!?

Time is running out to register for the next carnival. When today becomes tomorrow the deadline will have passed. It's not too late to sign up NOW!!

How do you DEFINE YOUR world? Is it your home, your town, your state, your country? This is your opportunity to share. A Gonzo World Carnival is being hosted on March 19th by LJP at ...Save.Save.Save...

Check out The Rules. They're short, sweet and easy to work with to get the post(s) you want submitted. However many blogs you have, as long as the post relates to your world, you can submit one post from each!!

Are you interested in hosting a carnival?


Naomi said...

Hi Kilroy

I only just found out about this as I've had a lot of work commitments the past couple of weeks which have taken me away from blogging. I've put up a banner on my site tonight and also submitted a post. Good luck with the carnival!

P.S. As soon as things settle down, I'll be in touch with you as to what dates I'm available to host a carnival myself. Don't want to commit myself just yet until I know what my schedule's like in the next few weeks.

Heather in Beautiful BC said...

Word on the street, huh??? Glad to know I'm getting around :)

Thanks for your advice on the screenshot - for some reason, I just can't do it, but a fellow postie came to my help and emailed it to me - so now I'm the proud displayer of my little bit of vanity!

I hope I have time to get around to reading all the carnival posts - I loved the way LJP showed a map of each submitter's area - that was very inventive.

No problem with a bit of PR - I like doing it and will put one up right now. Just let me know when the next banner is ready :)