Wednesday, April 25, 2007

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Have you ever wondered how an avalanche starts?

Lisa from Stories of a Traveling Diva picked up on when she visited here earlier this week. Now, a game of tag has evolved around pollock! Yes, I've been tagged!!

"The Mission": 1. Come up with a creation...

Here's the one I created for the game:
a creation
by Kilroy_60

2. Write a comment on this post that includes the URL where my creation resides - done - and 3. tag five others to do the same.

I've tagged: Annelisa at Words That Flow; Marion at Herbal Connection; Jinx Protocol at Jinx Protocol; Sheila at Alabama Kitchen Sink; Maria at Laughter, Loving and Living

When I tagged Maria she hasn't been posting for a bit so I added Hey Lady at Queen of Pentacle's Blog. She was going to be one of my first picks, but it's the end of the semester for her and she's busy. She's a good sport though so I think she'll play along. 8-)


*DB* said...

Done (I think). I have to add some more people though! (After work, because one is very NSFW!)

Annelisa said...

:-D nice one, Kilroy! Got me on this... I'll have to do an investigation of this JacksonPollock now, won't I!!? I'm game, but please be patient... I have very little time on the pc at the mo, what with only one in the house working on the internet, and my eldest son studying for his A levels... when I get a chance!!

Marion said...

Kilroy, I have tried and tried to place a Jackson Pollock on my site, and I can't find a way to do it.

I will continue to try...since everybody else seemed to be able to do this seemingly simple thing, it must be my computer naivety that is in the way!

jinx protocol said...

I've finished mine, but I have no idea how to save it to my page! I must be a moron!

Unknown said...

Way fun to play along on this one. Thanks for commenting and tagging, even that sounds weird "thanks for tagging" but it's the truth. You have given me more wonderful blog spaces to explore, comment on and enjoy. For that, my friend, I am most thankful!