Friday, April 06, 2007

Have You Voted For The Best Bloggers?

Each day we live is in it's own way a reward.

Some more than others live with passion. They are beyond the norm. These people truly achieve excellence in their chosen field of endeavor.

For Bloggers the mark of excellence is the Blogger's Choice Awards. What makes these awards especially interesting is the winners are chosen by a vote of other bloggers. That gives "interesting" many layers and opens up even more interpretations.

There are enough categories that almost any blog can be in the run for one award or another. One is to name the best mommy blogger.

Reviewing the list, my favorite categories are:

----(-)--> Best Blog About Blogging
----(-)--> Best Business Blog
----(-)--> Best Celebrity Blog
----(-)--> Best Charity Blog
----(-)--> Best Corporate Blog
----(-)--> Best Educational Blog
----(-)--> Best Food Blog
----(-)--> Best Geek Blog
----(-)--> Best Photography Blog
----(-)--> Best Political Blog
----(-)--> Best Travel Blog
----(-)--> Best Sports Blog

Of Special Note...

----(-)--> Freakiest Blogger
----(-)--> Hottest Mommy Blogger
----(-)--> Most Obnoxious Blogger
----(-)--> The "Blogitizer"
----(-)--> Worst Blog of All Time

Voting for the Blogger's Choice Awards will go on through the end of March. You are eligible to vote.

Winners of the awards will be announced at Pay Per Post's PostieCon Blogging Conference.

I have no expectation of bringing any award home from PostieCon. I may be in the running though for Worst Blog of All Time. Or maybe Most Obnoxious?

A person has to have goals! 8-)

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