Saturday, April 21, 2007

Scent Of A Woman...On A Man

I've been off on a romp with TheSpecialOne.

As it worked out I had to share her with two other men. No damage done though; it was Ben & Jerry. Truth be told we were doing some taste testing, and the fellas don't come anywhere near being so sweet.

It's been awhile since we've gone clothes shopping. And shoe shopping. And shopping for those things that make a woman feel so very much like a woman. I'll definitely make it a point to do so again sooner than later; it's quite exhilarating for her.

I had forgotten how much more she enjoys shopping after she's had some spa time. The massage and other "treatments" at the spa, though, from all indications was merely a warm up. For other "treatments" that followed.

As long as we've been together, as often as we've been together, she never fails to amaze me. I should qualify that; I'm not just talking about since Thursday afternoon.

Somehow it doesn't surprise me any longer how willing dressing room attendants are to turn their head given the proper encouragement. Significantly increasing their commission. Or it could be that TheSpecialOne knew just the right stores that we should visit. She is well versed in providing directions to places that are...just right.

Time to close out for now. She made a point of saying she needed to stay at home tonight and saying she had to go to bed early. There was also a reminder how much easier she finds going to sleep when she's alone...after phone sex. And it is almost 11.

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Mother of Invention said...

Shopping does seem to raise the adrenalin and heart rate of most babes I know..with or without the pre and post "treatments"!

jbwritergirl said...

I have to agree with your special one on the sleeping alone after phone sex. It's usually the only time we can just zone out without all the cuddling afterwards. Kind of like men, slam bam thank you mam, lol!

Hubby will be on the east coast all week so I should be able to catch up on my sleep as well.


Annelisa said...

:-D is a 'treatment' now? I must admit, I'd consider it one as long as I've got enough money to buy anything I see that I like :-)

honkeie said...

Am I the only man who likes to shop these days that doesnt call himself 'metro' haha