Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Blog Carnival Circuit Goes GONZO!

I'm announcing in advance, for the first time, the post I'm submitting to one of the Gonzo Blog Carnivals.

When the Gonzo RELATIONSHIPS Carnival appears at Cattails: Adventures of A Very Bad Cat on June 4th my entry will be A Bad Day On The Golf Course Is Better Than A Good Day At Work

Other than the Gonzo series, I've only posted in a small batch of other carnivals once. It's time, I think, that the blog carnival circuit goes GONZO!

---(-)-> Worldwide Opinions {Carnival}, hosted by Worldwide Opinions
Appearing May 21

---(-)-> Working At Home Blog Carnival, hosted by Working At Home On The internet
Appearing May 25
Life, It Comes And It Goes

---(-)-> Travel Writer's Carnival, hosted by My Year of Getting Published
Appearing May 26
Packin' Up To Go...To Idaho

---(-)-> The Blog Party, hosted by The So Called Me
Appearing May 28
Can You Imagine?

---(-)-> The Fabulous! Festival, hosted by The Space Between My Peers
Appearng May 28
A Bad Day On The Golf Course Is Better Than A Good Day At Work

---(-)-> This Is Not My Country {Carnival}, hosted by Hell's Handmaiden
Appearing June 1
The Want, Will And Hopes of the People {aka Make America Purple}

---(-)-> The Freelancing Carnival, hosted by Freelance Switch
Appearing June 2
Things I Think I Learned...from YouDoItOurWay
{The approach and activities outlined are greatly beneficial to any freelancer seeking to win new customers and to maintain accounts}

---(-)-> The Carnival For Short Stories, hosted by Musings of a Med Student...
Appearing June 4
What Happens When Warning Sirens Sound At The Nuclear Plant Nearest To You?

---(-)-> Simply Delightful! Carnival, hosted by Treehouse Jukebox: Adventures In Earth
Appearing June 12
The Power In The Eye Of The Beholder

---(-)-> Towards Better Life {Carnival}, hosted by
Appearing June 17

---(-)-> And then there was work, Back ASAP to Finish The List. Picking Up With the Scurvy Elephant Carnival. You KNOW I Can't Miss That One!


Diane Dehler said...

Hi, Stopped by for a visit and to see what you were posting.

Anonymous said...

Just stopping by to see what's happening...Sounds exciting!

Have a great day.