Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Changing Face of The Writer's Refuge

This is a photograph of The Writer's Refuge that you've seen before. It's a wonderful place to gain inspiration, to contemplate - or escape - the issues of the day and to reflect on what is and what may be.

In the midst of a harsh winter day I shot this photograph. I'm not sure exactly what happened in terms of the clarity of the image. The point of the photograph is that regardless of the weather The Writer's Refuge is a place you will find me. It's the changing face that adds to the allure.

I enjoy having a flower garden, but I don't have time for gardening. At least not what you would traditionally think of when it comes to gardening. It's something TheSpecialOne enjoys and I'm happy to provide her with a canvas to work with. We decided to change the garden, from shade or partial sun to FULL SUN.


honkeie said...

I have the blackest thumb on the planet. I never touch plants that are actively growing, they die!

GrizzBabe said...

I miss the tree. :( But, like you said, it's a blank canvas now.

Marion said...

I miss the tree, too, but I know how difficult it is to garden under trees, with their roots taking up most of the water.

It's a wonderful refuge, Kilroy!

Mother of Invention said...

Nice that you give her free reign! Mine won't let me do anything!!