Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Inmate Number 9818783

From the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department Inmate Information Center website...

Hilton, Paris - Inmate Number: 9818783 - Date of Birth: 02/17/1981 - 5'8", 115 pounds with blonde hair and green eyes - Charge Level: M (Misdemeanor)

America's favorite spoiled rich girl gone bad has made a big spash in the news of late. Going to jail... getting out of jail... going to jail... getting out of jail.

I've thought about writing a satirical post featuring Ms. Hilton. It's been rambling around in my head between shots of Patron tequila. You know, how she's a young lady trying to make it on her own instead of relying solely on the benefits of her family. {sic}

My basic problem with this is that I think the system screwed the pooch on this one. And I'm not talking about Paris taking it through the back door. I will agree that driving under the influence is incredibly reckless and endangers lives. If you get busted doing it, you should pay the price.

The problem here for me is that Paris did as the court ordered her. She checked in at the appointed time. {sic}

It's ridiculous she was deemed to need medical care because she was depressed about being in jail. Give me a break. Do they expect people are going to think it's a happy place?

The bottom line is that someone in he system with the power to make the decision let her go to serve the rest of the time under house arrest. The system has now made her an example, not of how the rich get special treatment that benefits them, but more how they get treated in a special way that takes advantage of them.

If it were any "normal" person this would have never happened. People in the United States drive when they are not supposed to after being convicted of drunk driving all the time. There is no meaningful action taken against them.

I would say that what Paris Hilton needs is a good spanking, but she's liable to like that.

This entire situation, I'm afraid, is a reflection of just how warped American society is getting to be. The greatest threat of terror may not be off shore, it could be in our own warped sensibilities.


The Wandering Author said...

You've got a point here. What scares me is the number of media outlets that treat "stories" such as this as the most important news, while all but ignoring the things they ought to be telling us about.

As for Paris, I could have helped her get through the whole "ordeal" quite easily. Just tell her it's really a kinky thrill... then again, if she started looking at it that way, she might go out of her way to get busted.

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

She is such a product of the times.

It is not merely America, you see things like that in Asia too.

Anonymous said...

Almost as bad as all the media coverage of Paris Hilton: the post-jail coverage of how they're going to stop covering Paris Hilton.