Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Takin' Care of Business... And Working Overtime!

The experiment is progressing nicely. I escaped from work for a bit tonight; got around to visit some of my blogging friends.

This blog, like life, has has been anything but stable since it started. If you know me at all, surely that doesn't surprise you. For me it's about living passionately, not getting through.

There have been some real high points and some down time. Which goes to say the life of my blog is as life is meant to be. Ultimately, what it's been more than anything is fun.

One of the things about that blogosphere that I both enjoy and find challenging is comments.

When I get around to visit the blogs I like, what I find is I miss getting around to visit the blogs I like. Somehow I need to find some balance with that.

It's an investment of time for me, as it is for anyone. If I want people to make some effort making their way here I have to get around to write comments. That goes for anyone who wishes to be engaged.

Speaking of balance, I wrote 20 comments tonight. That raises the number given to 52. I haven't checked my email for any new comments; when the last update was done I'd received 15.

It will be interesting to see how the Friends of Kilroy Carnival comes off as June rolls into July.

If you have any questions don't hesitate asking. Between Hey Lady and myself I'm sure we can come up with a reasonable answer; I think it was a good decision hosting the carnival at Queen of Pentacle's Blog.

I must say, I was quite pleased with the sites included in the newest Hitchhiker's Guide To The Blogosphere. I'd like to say it surprises me how many I had to go through to pick what I wanted to include. Truthfully, though, it wasn't a surprise. Easier to attract attention with a name than hold interest with content.

Comments: Given 52/Received 15

Update, 11:02 PM, June 29
Given 93/Received 32

Thanks to The Wandering Author
for the batch of great comments. 8-)


The Wandering Author said...

Now, if you could find a way to market those Gonzo Puffs without running afoul of the law, I'd say you'd find yourself with more comments than you could handle?

I do have one question, though. If a cereal causes the munchies, can it also be used to satisfy them? :D

T.J. said...

Just thought I'd pop by again, and let you know that I've added you to my daily reads.

Well, I don't read everyday, even if I have been posting every day.

Thanks again for the addition to the blogosphere list, and to answer your question re complaints:

I have had to listen to countless people complain on a variety of subjects, but nobody has ever called to complain about me personally, or the treatment they have received from me.


RUTH said...

Apologies your link is on my gardening blog. Feel free to close your link to my Million Stories blog; I may close that soon anyway now that my husband has passed away.

j razz said...

Just let me know about the link. Feel free to add the blogged down world logo to your site (see our profile).

(also, for your information- the hyperlink you included was broken- you may want to post another link with at the end of it.

Blogged Down World

j razz

Brad said...

I always worry about leaving comments, for fear that they're unwanted...even by my blogosphere friends.

But I know I love getting noticed, so I guess I panic for nothing.

This is why I drink.

Lavender Chick said...

Hi there! First of all, can't wait to hear the results of the experiment. Like you, I realize the need to blog about and comment frequently - but, I just get all puckered up inside when I feel like I'm conforming with the comment stuff...

Secondly, I read your profile and have much in common with you, except I would rather savor a cold Dos XX - it's a Tex-Mex thing, and I find a hot bath with no interruptions more joyous than golf. Other than that, I think we could hang pretty good together! George Carlin, the Pope,

Thanks for stopping by today. I'm going to keep checking in with you!

Naomi said...

Good luck with your experiment Kilroy. I always enjoy visiting blogs and leaving comments. Unfortunately time is precious sometimes and I don't get round to other blogs as often as I would like.