Sunday, July 01, 2007

They Captured My Attention AND Held My Interest

Tomorrow is the Friends of Kilroy blog carnival. To mark this special event in the Gonzo Blog Carnival Series I'm publishing a new edition of my Hitchhiker's Guide To The Blogosphere.

Publishing this list for a little more than a year I've met some great people. I've found a lot of different things people do in their blogs; some which I've borrowed. It's been my pleasure to help some people get their new blog off the ground. I've been able to help bring additional readers to some excellent blogs that were under appreciated.

Another thing that has come from the Hitchhiker's Guide is links. I don't require a link back for inclusion in this list. I choose what blogs go in the list because I choose them; no strings attached.

I'm releasing this edition at this time because it's links that have come from this endeavor that I expect will make up the majority of those posting in the carnival.

It's my pleasure to present this list of blogs that succeeded in capturing my attention and maintaining my interest. That is what this list is about!

---(-)-> The Old New Englander
---(-)-> A Thousand Words... One Frame At A Time
---(-)-> Simple Writings From A Complicated Person
---(-)-> Dreams Of The Snoring Man
---(-)-> More Than You Know
---(-)-> The Galvin Opinion
---(-)-> The Great Gatsby
---(-)-> From Chaos To Serendipity
---(-)-> Blonde Justice
---(-)-> Lavender Chick
---(-)-> Cape Cod Lighthouse
---(-)-> A View From The Couch
---(-)-> Marooned In England
---(-)-> Alexis In South Africa
---(-)-> Those Northern Skies
---(-)-> Within The Oasis
---(-)-> Save The Drama For Your Lama
---(-)-> Dance As If No One Is Watching
---(-)-> Living In Jerusalem
---(-)-> Immodest Proposals
---(-)-> Dan Heller's Photography Business Blog

Wonder how good I think these blogs are? Check out how many managed to interest me with their names, but didn't go any further.

Great Names, But No Linkability For Me...

Running Endlessly Through Time
Voting Under The Influence
Reviewing Whatever
Gypsy Photo
An Interstellar Burst
We The Free
Destiny Is Your Way, Choose Your Fate
Unnecessary Nonsense
Spoiled Food: Nothing Out Of The Ordinary
Living In Liberty
Stardust Coated Dreams
The Flashing Light
The Liberty Sphere
Inspiring Trash Can
Sane Colored Crazy
The Greenhouse
The Naked Truth
Nomadic Tendencies
Secondhand Thoughts For Sale
Musings On A Lazy Afternoon
Belly Acre Farm
Life In Cape Ann
Rampant Ramblings
The Clever Cynic
Feel Free To Fly
A Girl And Her Camera
The London Fog
Diary Of A Mad Sportswriter
The Gray Between
Controlled Chaos
Luscious Lingerie
Country Scribe
Hi Ho The Derry O A Blogging We Will Go
The Musings Of A Not So Desperate Housewife
Insignificantly Significant
Inner Sanctum
Just Looking For A Moose
In This Crazy Life
A Little Bit Of Heart
Sorry, I Haven't A Clue!
My Own Niche
Who Needs Therapy?
Reports From The Edge
My Family And Other Animals
Absolutely Free
From Across The Net
The Force of Destiny

An update on "the experiment"
Update, 5:48 PM, July 1
Given 105/Received 38


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Thanks for the link.

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Tink said...

Is it bad that I'm more grateful for NOT making the second list than I am sad about not making the first? Phew. Nothing like putting on some pressure. ;)

The Snoring Man said...

Thanks for checking out my blog.