Tuesday, July 31, 2007

An Unexpected Visit...

Welcome friends, old and new.

I've been wading through The Writer's Nook and have a ton of material I will be posting. Most of it has no real timeliness so it should be an adventure in blogging.

It was my expectation to have a different sort of post published at this point. That train of thought, for the moment, has been derailed.

Having a friend visit that I wasn't expecting isn't an especially unusual occurrence. Anyone who would do that, of course, knows that I may or may not be available.

I don't have a friend from Italy knock on my door very often that I was not expecting though.

Saturday morning I was having breakfast with TheSpecialOne. We had gotten up early and lingered long in bed. It was slow and gentle and went on and on, over and over.

Sorry, that thought lingered a bit longer than I intended...

Anyway, we were having breakfast and my cell phone rang. It was my buddy Salvatore. Little did I know he was calling from down the block. His wouldn't be the first car whose tire I shot out pulling into the driveway when I didn't recognize it. So, he knew to call first when he had a rental.

Sal's in from Sicily for a month. Which, needless to say, means it's going to be an adventure. I'm looking forward to the package he sent that will follow.

TheSpecialOne has been a wonderful hostess. We'd been drinking grand mimosas when Sal came. She didn't mind sharing. As it worked out we went through three more bottles of champagne and smoked several fat, tight ones he had brought along.

Later that afternoon she came with the makings for subs and homemade pizza. Sal was pleased when he saw her pull out Citterio meats and Lioni fresh mozzarella. She even went to an Italian bakery for Cannoli and had her friend who owns a restaurant make up some pizza crusts. An amazing woman TheSpecialOne is.

I'm looking forward to returning the favor...and knocking on Sal's door in Sicily some time down the road.

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