Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A Hitchhiker's Guide To The Blogosphere...Installment 9 Continued

The 9th Edition of A Hitchhiker's Guide To The Blogosphere was interrupted. So, we'll pick up with it here...

These sites attracted my attention and held my interest...

---(-)-> Cynical Rantings
---(-)-> Mountaingirl's Musings
---(-)-> Truth, Justice & Peace
---(-)-> And Together With This, The Reason Why
---(-)-> Preserve, Protect and Defend
---(-)-> Holland's Comet
---(-)-> Hobo Teacher Web Log (or...Blog)
---(-)-> The Head Pelican
---(-)-> Steel City Slant
---(-)-> Beautiful Rainy Days Ahead
---(-)-> Beware The Dark Side
---(-)-> Thoughts From Outside
---(-)-> The Deep Middle
---(-)-> The Craft Of Eve
---(-)-> Watching Those We Chose
---(-)-> Dodging Lions And Wasting Time
---(-)-> The Mind Ranch
---(-)-> The Roving Medievalist
---(-)-> Diary Of A Second Life Courtesan
---(-)-> Following Down Sober
---(-)-> Let Me Be Frank With You
---(-)-> Carved In Pixels
---(-)-> Sierra Outdoors
---(-)-> The Museum Of Drunken Art
---(-)-> Mint Tinted Vanilla
---(-)-> Heavy-Handed Politics
---(-)-> Jordan's Cereal Bowl

I thought these sites had interesting names...

---(-)-> Stranded On Third
---(-)-> The Lazy Reporter
---(-)-> Wandering Nomad
---(-)-> All The World's A Stage
---(-)-> The Lilac Closet
---(-)-> Welcome To The Kitchen Of...The Chef's Wife
---(-)-> Spiraling Toward Mediocrity
---(-)-> Doodles Of My Mind
---(-)-> Thoughts From Out Of The Box
---(-)-> A Dense, Wild And Tangled Wood
---(-)-> Barefoot In The Snow
---(-)-> A Jester's Promenade
---(-)-> Popcorn Planet
---(-)-> Random Circuit
---(-)-> Heads On Fire
---(-)-> Life's Little Surprises
---(-)-> Seized By The Moment
---(-)-> Upper Level Disturbances
---(-)-> Better Than Fiction
---(-)-> Spirit Seekers
---(-)-> A Friar's Foibles
---(-)-> Learn From Yesterday And Live For Today
---(-)-> That's Life v 2.o
---(-)-> Adventures Of A Twenty-Something Pirate Wench
---(-)-> Sanity Versus Reality
---(-)-> The Panther In Pumps
---(-)-> The Dark Sunrise
---(-)-> We Can Make Sandwiches!
---(-)-> And This Is Reality
---(-)-> ExNihilo - Thoughts & Images by a Fascinated Mind
---(-)-> Cutting Edge
---(-)-> Anatomy Of A Super
---(-)-> Peter, In Search Of Pan
---(-)-> In The Back Of My Mind
---(-)-> Crystal Clear Perceptions
---(-)-> The Ramblings Of A Red Fox
---(-)-> A Day In The Country With Farmer Di
---(-)-> Kicked It In The Sun: The Cabin Fever Blog Site
---(-)-> Good Food, Good Friends, Good Fun!
---(-)-> Magpie Musing
---(-)-> MOONSPACE
---(-)-> One Flew Over The Gypsy's Nest
---(-)-> Hills With Trees
---(-)-> Southern Summer Of Socks
---(-)-> Piecing My Life Together
---(-)-> Tractor Tracks
---(-)-> The Bugslayer
---(-)-> Inner Sanctum
---(-)-> Blue Ridge Shadows
---(-)-> The Dumping Ground
---(-)-> Pigeons On My Wire
---(-)-> Chronicles Of The Wolf
---(-)-> Sunrise Angel
---(-)-> Random Thoughts From Bleu Chocolate
---(-)-> What Stirs Within
---(-)-> Never A Dull Moment
---(-)-> Accidental Charm, Incidental Failure
---(-)-> Suburbs Of Nowhere
---(-)-> Change Is Stagnant
---(-)-> The Suitable For Mixed Company Annex
---(-)-> Skull, Bones & Pretzels
---(-)-> Mindful Existence
---(-)-> Gin In Your Tea
---(-)-> Far And Wide
---(-)-> Artistic Palette
---(-)-> Life In The Sandcastle
---(-)-> Suppositions, Slants And Suspicions

One thing that never changes with these lists, it takes as long as it takes. It took about a week and a half this time around. And this it is - at 7:44 p.m. on 20 October - for Installment 9.

I'd appreciate you mentioning when you visit the blogs I've chosen that you came from The Gonzo Papers.



two crows said...

hey, Kilroy--
thanx for the mention. :)
I took a look at most of these and agreed wholeheartedly with you about Cynical Rantings. hilarious!

Dustin said...

Interesting list of sites. Thanks for posting!

Eve said...

Kilroy, I'm honored to be included. I also enjoyed viewing your found stuff in the blogoshere link. Will visit often and add you to my crafty links. Eve

Blue Girl, Red State said...

Thank you for the link to Watching Those We Chose!

I ahve added you to the blogroll of "Interlocutors and Co-Conspirators" on WTWC and to the "Courtesy Link Exchange" blogroll on Blue Girl, Red State.

LDP said...

Hey, thanks mentioning my blog, Dodging Lions and Wasting Time.

Is this a major award? I patiently await my Italian leg lamp.

Tsai said...

Hello Kilroy,

Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog, Diary of a Second Life Courtesan. Having read your profile, I see you like to eat dessert first, too. Hope you read this post of mine: Dessert First


Tsai Jie

Unknown said...

Thanks for listing my little blog! I have really enjoyed coming back again and again to your wonderful world. Love it!

tjd said...

Thanks for listing CarvedInPixels and for your kind comment there!

I've been enjoying your blog. Please let me know when you begin recruiting franchisees for USAppetites, I think that's something I'd really like to be a part of :)