Sunday, December 23, 2007

I'm Hitting The Road With The Carnival!

I've enjoyed attending carnivals over the past year almost as much as I have putting on the Gonzo Blog Carnival Series. It's good to be on both sides of the game.

I can't help but see how things work out hitting the circuit to roll into the new year.

So, here we go...

---(-)-> Blog Carnival of Observations On Life, hosted by Anja Merrett - Chatting To My Generation
Finally, I'm Going Mobile!

---(-)-> Anything Goes and General News Carnival, hosted by Anything Goes And General News
Appearing...when the next carnival is posted {no date announced}
A Shout-Out To Visitor Number 11,111

---(-)-> Postie Carnival, hosted by Skeet's Stuff
Appearing December 24 {or in the next edition at a different blog}
Lithographs And Renderings...By Kilroy_60

---(-)-> Carnival of Education, hosted by History Is Elementary
Appearing December 26
Fear And Loathing In Academia

---(-)-> Carnival of Leadership Development, hosted by MabelAndHarry
Appearing December 27
The Path You Seek Leads To Woody Creek Colorado

---(-)-> Carnival Of The Vanities, hosted by Dodgeblogium
Appearing December 27
A Blog Carnival That's Out Of This World! My Blogiversary Bash!!

---(-)-> Carnival of Cities, hosted by Norway - An American In Oslo
Appearing December 28
The Glory Of The Sea, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

---(-)-> Carnival of Creative Growth, hosted by Energies of Creation
Appearing December 28
When Splatters Matter

---(-)-> Mens Guide To Women Carnival, hosted by Men's Guide To Women
Appearing December 29
A Bad Day On The Golf Course Is Better Than A Good Day At Work

---(-)-> Carnival of Political Punditry, hosted by I'm A Pundit Too
Appearing December 30
Today Is A Day For Americans To Take A Stand

---(-)-> Carnival Of The Insanities, hosted by Dr. Sanity
Appearing December 30
What Happens When Warning Sirens Sound At The Nuclear Plant Nearest To You?

---(-)-> Carnival of Quotes, hosted by Thoughts On Quotes
Appearing January 1, 2008
For Your Consideration...

---(-)-> Festival Of The Trees, hosted by Festival Of The Trees
Appearing January 1, 2008
Free Fallin' In The Writer's Refuge...Or Is That Tree Fallin'

---(-)-> Rants Carnival, hosted by Rants 'n Reviews
Appearing January 1
If There's Any Justice Jerry Falwell Is Burning In Hell

---(-)-> Writers From Across The Blogosphere Carnival, hosted by The Writer's Block
Appearing January 4
The Path You Seek Leads To Woody Creek Colorado

---(-)-> Drugs And Pharmacology Carnival, hosted by an as yet unnamed blogger
{Carnival put on by GNIF Brain Blogger}
Appearing January 5
Violating FAA Regulations

---(-)-> Carnival Of Fatherhood, hosted by Time For Dads
Appearing January 6
A Father's Day Thought

---(-)-> Carnival Of Television, hosted by Satellite TV Guru
Appearing January 6
Can You Imagine?

---(-)-> Surfer's Paradise Hullabaloo!, hosted by The Lives and Times...
Appearing January 11
Finally, I'm going mobile!

That's going to be it. I'll come back to the list in a week or so to see what I want to add for the new year.

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BillyWarhol said...

Fantastic! Sounds like a Party! I arrived here from the Norway Blog!

Cheers!! Billy ;))