Monday, February 11, 2008

Come, Blogospherians, One And All...

I was recently introduced to a new realm of the blogosphere, the StumbleUpon galaxy. As I explored it became apparent that there was a void; the blogospherians who have only StumbleUpon sites are not active in the blog carnival circuit.

On Thursday, March 6th I'm hosting a special edition carnival here; the first to welcome all those who dwell in the blogosphere, including blogospherians from StumbleUpon...

Kilroy_60's Blogospherian Picnic

To qualify as a blog, a website needs to have dated entries, progressing chronologically. Beyond that...a blog is what each of us make it. While StumbluUpon sites qualify, by definition, they are frequently not much more than a collection of short reviews/links. Collecting individual posts of that sort wouldn't make for much of a carnival.

The Blogospherian Picnic will welcome one of the following from any blogospherian...
  • Blogger Profile {my page}
  • A Profile or About page from WordPress sites or blogospherians with their own domain
  • The About Them page on StumbleUpon {my page}
  • Your Technorati page {my page}
That should provide a reasonable option for anyone whose blogging.

Entries are being accepted now. Think of the deadline as being today; no need to delay entering.

Email your entry to: - including

---(-)-> Your name as you want it to appear
---(-)-> The URL of one page identified above
---(-)-> The URL of your blog, or what you consider your main blog if you have more than one

I'd appreciate your help promoting the picnic. Email me URL of your post including this banner and I'll link back...

A reminder, entries are still being accepted for the Friday, February 15th Gonzo Gratitude Carnival. {What are you thankful for?}

The theme of the carnival is gratitude. It could be...What are you thankful for? Or it could be...Is gratitude a wasted emotion? Needless to say, there's a great deal of latitude when it comes to selecting a post.

These are, The Rules...

---(-)-> You can enter one post per blog, however many blogs you have
---(-)-> Only English language posts will be accepted
---(-)->No posts that are advertisements
---(-)-> Deadline for entries is 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, February 13th - I'll consider late entries, based on quality. {Enter}

Have you sent your entry for the second Soup To Nuts progressive dinner carnival yet?


Remember, you can submit five posts; that gets you an entry in all five of the progressive dinner's host blogs.

It would be a great help if you write a post on the progressive dinner. Send the URL of the post and you'll get links back from all five host blogs.

Here's the banner...

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