Sunday, February 17, 2008

Looking For Love In An Online World

Variety is the spice of life.

I've found this to be true in my personal affairs, in professional life and during the time I've spent in the blogosphere.

Surfing through my link exchange list you'll find people of religious faith, moms ~ who, needless to say, require a special brand of faith ~ and those whose endeavors are meant for adults.

Given the combination, I suspect there's a portion of my readers who could benefit from online dating services for religious men and women. If not directly, to pass information on to people they know.

As for life in the physical world, I tend to keep my personal and professional life independent of one another. They have, though, at times, become intertwined. I tend not to talk much about my work; when I have my choice has been to spotlight a wide variety of clients instead of focusing on any one.

TheSpecialOne has a number of single friends; hard to believe, yet easy to understand, how attractive, successful women have such difficulty finding a man with whom they can have a meaningful relationship.

I have to give the ladies credit; they've tried speed dating, dating services and dating websites. TheSpecialOne even tries her hand at matchmaking every now and again.

Given my experience in affairs of the heart, love comes when it's not something you're purposefully looking for.

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