Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Pay Per Post Post On Sales Training In The UK

The most successful salespeople I know listen more than they talk when meeting with a potential customer.

Working in a home office is great, because I don't have to deal with salespeople knocking on my door. When I did have an office I equipped it with a video camera system. I used those tapes when I did training for clients.

Sales Training UK - the sponsor of this post - puts salespeople in a position not to deal with the nonsense I pulled on people. To wit...

A common problem is salespeople who don't have thorough product knowledge. That, I find, becomes obvious very quickly. When I would see it, naturally, I would play the role of a know it all. Amazing how often a person would agree with what I was saying when I truly didn't know a thing.

The ones who were knowledgeable, I would grill. The most common problem with them is that they can't stop spilling. Better to have the information and give it as requested than to overload someone. All too often, people don't know what questions to ask and when they get too much information it becomes overwhelming and/or confusing.

There's one more thing I would frequently see; only to then use it to drive the salesperson crazy. The person who wants to push to close the deal; to throw out pat answers to questions; to minimize any concern, to cast aside any objection; to do whatever is necessary to get to the close.

Back to the first sentence. The best salespeople know how to get to the close, moving at a pace that's comfortable for the customer, and have no qualms about asking for the sale.

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