Thursday, March 20, 2008

Gone Phishing

I received the following email, purportedly from PayPal...

Dear user

Due to the safety and integrity of the PayPal
account you have been notified with this message.

As a security measure your PayPal account information needs
to be updated in order to reduce the instance of unauthorized transactions
on our website. If you could please take 2 to 3 minutes out of your precious
time and confirm your details you will not
experience further problems with
the online service.

Once you have updated your account records your PayPal
services will not be interrupted and will get protected with additional security.

To protect your PayPal account start with the following link:
Click Here To Continue

When you click, it takes you to this link:$

and you see...

I laugh when I get these emails "from PayPal" because my PayPal account isn't associated with

Long before there was identity theft I was using my full name, plus my confirmation name, in all my financial dealings. One of the little tricks to throw the evil doers off your path.

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