Friday, March 07, 2008

Lidget Concrete Garages UK, Even Sheds Can Be Interesting!

Lidget Concrete Garages UK has established a reputation, over 30 years, building attractively designed buildings that are known to be of high quality. Lidget's concrete buildings are state-of-the-art.

The company has an excellent website; well designed, comprehensive and easy to navigate. I was quite impressed by the range of buildings the company is capable of manufacturing at its factory, to then be delivered and constructed, on the same day, by the company's fitters.

The can do single and double garages, high roof garages, garden buildings and a variety of specialty structures. Lidget can even make sheds interesting!

I got to thinking about what I would do, could do, if I had one of Lidget's Sectional Garage structures.

Yes, I could be practical; to get a building with a section to park vehicles, a section that could serve as a workshop, a section I could make into a secondary writing nook, a section that could serve as an office and a section where I could install a firing range.

The website's reference to garden buildings, of course, caught my attention. To make that Work, I would have to move to Alaska. Yes, if I lived in a state where I could legally grow marijuana and partake in my home without threat of recrimination by the powers that be I would have one super duper garden structure.

Short of that, I quite like the thought of an indoor firing range.

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