Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Why Just Play When You Can Dominate?

If you played Strat-O-Matic baseball as a kid, if you thrive on the goings on of the hot stove league you'll love the new fantasy sports prophet baseball software that enables you to draft the best fantasy league team possible.

Let's face it, putting a team together that can take it all is a challenge for the most successful General Managers in the big leagues. Who can't use help?

On the flip side of the coin, what's the use of just playing in a fantasy baseball league when you can dominate the game? Fantasy baseball is fun and there's pride in winning.

Of course, it's not unusual to put a few bucks in your pocket at the end of the season when you win. Or maybe those are just the offices I spend time in.

OK, so it doesn't take a genius to decide on a player like Derek Jeter, but this software allows you to dig deep and find the hidden gems that are going to take you to the top of the league.

The players are ranked based on Predictive Modeling by PhD scientists!!

Fantasy Sports Prophet Baseball is web-based, so you can tap into the most up-to-date information anytime from anywhere.

Once the season starts Fantasy Sports Prophet Baseball keeps working for you with full season roster management.

There's no need to troll the sports page for the most up-to-date information. All statistics and injury reports come through the software.

What sets Fantasy Sports Prophet Baseball apart is that it's cutting edge. You even get mid-season projections derived through use of artificial intelligence!!!

A Special Bonus: Use PROMO CODE BMC200 when you order and save $10.

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