Friday, May 09, 2008

Cinco de Mayo, Too Much Fun To Limit To One Day

I met The Master Baiter Monday morning for breakfast. We went to a Mexican restaurant to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

We started drinking shots of Patron tequila before breakfast came. I had huevos divorciados, chicken fried steak and rice.

Our party ended late Wednesday night, or early Thursday morning depending how you look at it.

So, after stumbling around for a few days it seems like stumbling around the web this morning is a good way to get back into the blogging thumbs up to my blogosphere friends.



Marion said...

Glad you're back...sounds as if you had a great time! I think I'm getting too elderly to celebrate for two full days...I would want my bed, lol!

*DB* said...

Heya! No, I didn't mean to change my layout. Maybe my old one went goofy. Yeah, I've been a little out and about lately...! Sounds like you had cinco fun!

GB said...

What great fun! Thanks so much for the nice words on my blog! Hope all is well with you.