Thursday, July 10, 2008

From One Of My Bookshelf Shelves...

In recent months I've talked about reading...
  • Fear And Loathing In America - The Brutal Odyssey Of An Outlaw Journalist
  • Kingdom Of Fear
  • Hey Rube
I don't know whether, or how often, people check out things like the Favorite Books or Favorite Movies list in the blogger profile. I thought, though, that it might be interesting to empty a shelf of my bookshelf to share with you what I read other than The Good Doctor.

No time or effort went into selecting which shelf to empty; this one was chosen randomly. It includes...
  • The Century by Peter Jennings and Todd Brewster
  • One Magical Sunday by Phil Mickelson with Donald T. Phillips
  • In Contempt by Christopher Darden with Jess Walter
  • The Presidency of James Earl Carter by Burton I. Kaufman
  • Winning The Fight Between You And Your Desk by Jeffrey J. Mayer
  • The Agenda - Inside The Clinton White House by Bob Woodward
  • The Best of Times - American In The Clinton Years by Haynes Johnson
  • State Of Denial - Bush At War Part III by Bob Woodward
  • Cosell by Howard Cosell
  • It Doesn't Take A Hero (An Autobiography) by General H. Norman Schwarzkopf, written with Peter Petre
  • Nixon's Shadow - The History of an Image by David Greenberg
  • Charles Kuralt's America by Charles Kuralt
  • The Way You Wear Your Hat - Frank Sinatra and the Lost Art of Livin' by Bill Zehme
  • Payne Stewart (An Authorized Biography) by Tracey Stewart with Ken Abraham
  • Lake Wobegon Days by Garrison Keillor
  • From Elvis to E-Mail by Paul Dickinson
  • Holyfield - The Humble Warrior by Evander Holyfield and Bernard Holyfield
  • Ain't No Tomorrow - Kobe, Shaq and the Making of a Lakers Dynasty by Elizabeth Kaye
  • Warrior Priest by Mike Johnson
  • Terry Bradshaw: MAN OF STEEL by Terry Bradshaw with David Diles
  • The End of a Presidency - documented by the staff of The New York Times

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