Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Send In The Clowns? They're Already Here.

"I got stuck in the ice without my clothes,
naked as the eyes of a clown."

- John Prine
That's The Way The World Goes 'Round

Rush Limbaugh
Leader of the Republican Party
Obstructionist Republican Clown

It has been almost three years since I first put forth the proposition that we should set aside the divisive politics of Red and Blue, ruled by the fanatics at the far ends of the spectrum, to forge a different path and Make America Purple.

Senator John McCain, Arizona
Obstructionist Republican Clown

Since he decisively defeated Arizona Senator John McCain in November, President of the United States Barack Obama has...
  1. Made a concerted effort to reach out to the Republican Party.
  2. Sought input from members of the GOP.
  3. Attempted to craft legislation in such a way that the minority party can contribute to solving a myriad of problems left by the previous Administration.

Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska
Obstructionist Republican Clown

Republicans, on the other hand, are making a deliberate effort to hinder the success of the current Administration because there is bitterness that the Bush/Cheney government was rebuked while McCain and Alaska Senator Sarah Palin took a thrashing at the polls.

Senator Mitch McConnell, Kentucky
Minority "Leader"

Obstructionist Republican Clown

The Republican Party has become known as The Party of No and, at the same time, has demonstrated an inability to develop any alternatives which are superior to the legislation proposed by the Obama team which it refuses to support.

John Boehner, Minority "Leader"
in the House of Representatives
Obstructionist Republican Clown

Representative Eric Cantor {R-Virginia} has created what's being called the National Council for a New America to "re-launch" the Republican Party.

Obstructionist Republican Clown

What's interesting, if you saw the group's first public appearance last week, featuring Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney, is that the "new" Republican Party is espousing the same approach and policies that led to back-to-back failed elections.

Mitt Romney
Failed Presidential Candidate
Obstructionist Republican Clown

I am still, unflinchingly, a proponent of Making America Purple. At the same time, I believe that it's important to give the Republicans on Capitol Hill, as well as the leaders of the "new Republican Party" the respect they are due.

Bobby Jindal, Governor of Louisiana
Obstructionist Republican Clown

Nothing could illustrate the state of the Republican Party better, I'd say, than Hebiclens/WMxdesign's photostream on flickr featuring graduates of the RNC Clown College.

Michael Steele
Chairman, Republican National Committee
Obstructionist Republican Clown


Kikolani said...

Those are pretty funny images. And good ones too!

~ Kristi

Danna said...

This is typical Republican diversion technique designed to fool the public into believing 'we are the fools' for following these clowns. Point well made Republicans, bravo!!!