Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Last Road Trip - Part 1

"He who doesn't fear death dies only once."
- Giovanni Falcone

I regret the interruption in what passes for normal ebb and flow, both in my life and with this blog.

A week ago I was looking forward to taking a road trip. Beyond getting ready for that there were just a few items I needed to handle for clients.

TheSpecialOne had gone to spend the weekend with her sister and I was up proofreading the latest chapter of a book I'm ghostwriting for one of my clients.

The Bat Phone rang at 5:32.

That's a phone line I had installed with a number that only my closest friends have. Regardless of the time, when the Bat Phone rings if I'm available I'll answer it.

It was the wife of my buddy with whom I was going to be hitting the road., she called to say he'd committed suicide. At first I thought I misheard her. But, no, my buddy Al was gone.

When Al and I talked about going on the road our plan was to go with no plan.

After much deliberation I've decided hitting the road with no plan is exactly the best way to proceed as I carry out his wish that I spread his ashes.

TheSpeialOne took Al's wife to La Alegría this morning and I hit the road with The Master Baiter. Our direction is west.

Today we drove until coming upon a spot I thought Al would like to spend the evening. As I'm writing we're listing to another of the CDs I bought for the trip, The Road to Ensenada by Lyle Lovett.

That's Right (You're Not From Texas) was one of his favorite tunes...


Nora said...

LOVE that song...too!

Houstonwino said...

Sorry about your friend. He had great taste in music.