Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Briefcase Full of Blues

From Calumet City, Illinois, the band of Joliet Jake and Elwood Blues, The Blues Brothers...

When I started posting videos to help tell the story of a 30-year relationship I had with my friend Paul I knew the best I'd be able to do is provide highlights of the music that was special to us.

It only made sense to listen to this music as I searched for an appropriate place to spread his ashes.

When Graceland was released in the late 80s it became one of his all-time favorite albums and since it seemed he was always singing along with You Can Call Me Al we, naturally, started calling him Al.

That wasn't the first nickname I'd hung on him though. For about 10 years I called him Jake, and he in turn called me Elwood, as we were both great fans of The Blues Brothers.

No soundtrack of The Last Road Trip would be complete without A Briefcase Full of Blues....

Hey Bartender


Who's Making Love

Messin' With The Kid

Rubber Biscuit

Jail House Rock

Can't Turn You Loose

Blues Brothers Movie Trailer

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crys said...

Memories are made of this.. :)