Saturday, August 15, 2009

Madonna, Like A Virgin

Madonna has been one of the most well known and successful pop stars of the past 25 years.

Of course, she's almost as well known for her publicity stunts, manufactured controversies and tabloid headlines as she is her music. If there's one thing Madonna does with extraordinary success it's attracting attention, few do it better.

If you wanted to bookend the period during which Madonna was most successful you wouldn't need to look any further than her MTV performances in 1984 and 2003. Coincidentally both were controversial in their time....

What's interesting about the 2003 performance, of course, is that while Madonna kissing Britney Spears is what grabbed headlines Christina Aguilera was the sexiest one of the stage.


Michael K. Willis said...

I've always admired Madonna for the shrewd (sometimes downright cunning) way that she's managed her career.

And yes, I agree that Christina was easily the hottest woman on that stage that night (even if Madonna and Britney ended up getting most of the press :-)

michelle said...

This is fantastic!

Global Patriot said...

I may sound strange, as so many people seek the spotlight and desire to be famous, but when I think of the lives these women lead I'm quite thankful that mine is not on stage, not in the public eye, not scrutinized by the masses.

Anonymous said...

Madonna is a master at managing FAME.