Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sending People Screaming Into The Night Can Be Fun... Ho Ho

About a week ago I published a post titled Let's Get A Few Things Straight and included the following commentary...

I am, at times, purposefully provocative, incendiary, insensitive. Connecting on a human level, bringing people joy and providing a reason to think are all well and good, but, then, sending people screaming into the night can be fun as well. Ho Ho

That's right, Bubba, a sense of humor and an open mind are required along this strand of the World Wide Web and don't've been warned:

ATTENTION: The author accepts no responsibility for your spontaneous anger, personal outrage, blurred vision, headaches or any Post Traumatic Stress Disorder you may experience related to your visit.

Ho, ho.

To wit...

One lame dick bastard who draws stick figure cartoons and sends them out to his friends to be stumbled, while far too often not stumbling shares sent to him, wrote me to say he's on SU "to have a good time" and "laugh at funny shit" and couldn't be bothered with any concern as to whether he was stumbling my stuff while I was out looking for a place to spread the ashes of my friend.

What is there to say to someone like Jon? That is other than the fact his mother would have been better off to have an abortion than bring someone like him into the world?

That's right, SmackInTheCrack, I'm talking about you.

Seeing as you're "warning others" about me, in the review of my SU page that you wrote last night, I should do the same. Right.

I reviewed Jon's SmackInTheCrack page on StumbleUpon last evening, to be sure, and stated simply...

Jon is funny, not because he stumbles make you laugh or that his blogs are any's that he's a fucking joke.

SmackInTheCrack responded with a review that was all I hoped for and more...

Kilroy60, seriously what is your deal? You asked to be my friend on stumble, then when I did, you complained about the things I was stumbling. On my own page, so I wished you the best and then you complained when I wasn't "friends" on stumble. Now, for the last several weeks you have gone to my websites, left hate comments, and now you go out of your way to leave bad reviews about me...

How old are you? I have a 4 year old nephew who does things like that when his best friend says he is a butt head. Dude, grow up, move on and have the balls to smile once in awhile and enjoy life. Instead of bringing the rest of us down to make yourself feel bigger.

I am just warning others that this dude seems to want you to be his friend and if you don't stumble his boring blogs then HE WILL email you, message you and leave bad reviews about you. He will go on and on about how you need to learn what stumble is about.

Burent0 - left a review about three weeks ago saying the same shit. I'm sure if you asked around stumble there are others this dude fucks with.

Ah, yes, but the fun was just starting. Later a friend of mine stumbled upon the review he wrote, remembered my Let's Get A Few Things Straight post and sent a message asking him if he was the Jon that was referenced.

SmackInTheCrack responded to the inquiry, saying...

Hi, yep I'm Jon. Good Grief the Kilroy guy is still being a dick huh? Sorry about him. About six months ago he friended me on stumble, after about a month of him sending me stumble after stumble of his paper he writes, I asked him to please stop. I mentioned his paper was very well written but I mostly stumble jokes and funny pictures. He got pissed and started leaving threatening emails. Anyway, I reported him to stumble and blocked him, then he started emailing my websites and even managed to find out who my brother is on stumble and then started leaving hateful and just mean messages to my family.

Be careful if you are his friend dude, I know a few other people he harasses because they didn't "friend" him. We have all written stumble and I am in the process of filling a restraining order against him, however my lawyer isn't sure what if anything we can do since he suposidly isn't even in our country and this is the internet.

Anyway, wow... that's a weird "hi how are ya" huh? haha

Nice to meet ya
hope you found something on my stumble page that made ya laugh.

Then he followed-up with a message in which he said...

No when he asked to be my friend on stumble he told me to send him anything I like. Of course I mentioned to him that i send out between five or so stumbles a day to all my "friends" All of which are jokes and funny videos. I even about once a week send out my favorite comic that I have written for that week.

Here is the important thing though. NOT ONCE, feel free to ask around have I ever asked anyone to stumble anything, or told them to. If they like it great, if not that's fine to. I was very upfront with him from the start that I wouldn't take any offense if he didnt' stumble things I send. They are sent only to make people laugh.

Yes it is nice to have a brother. Haha, but he is into computer science and things, so he rarely finds the things I stumble funny. haha He is really cool though. Most things he stumbles I find very boring.

As for the review of Kilroy I recently did. I got an email from stumble upon today saying I had been reviewed by him. Then I noticed on my website I had a link to the recent article he just did. I thought his crap might have been coming to an end. It had been almost a month since I had been harrassed by him. I left that review to warn other stumbles about the things he does. If you read through his reviews on his site, I am not the only one he does this to.

If he is your friend, I am very happy for you. And I don't mean to bring down your friend. I'm just saying he isn't the type of person I want to be associated with. I just wish he would leave me and my family alone.

Anyway... Wow, this has to be one of the longest messages I have ever left on stumble haha.

Hope you have a great weekend.

Cry me a river, you pig fucker.

Responding to your whining isn't worth a whole lot of my time, but I'll let you in on a secret... I'm having fun rattling your cage, Bubba.

It's a tangled web you weave when first you practice to deceive, eh.

I'm entertained by the fact that you're asking about my age and comparing me to your four-year-old nephew while at the same time you're complaining to SU. Going to the teacher to cry about people picking on you out on the playground. Right.

I about fell off my chair when I read this, but, then, I'm half drunk. You're talking to an attorney about getting a restraining order against me? What is it that you want to restrain me from, expressing my opinion about you and/or the horseshit you publish online?

Good luck, you impotent bastard.

Let me be as clear as I can, Jon, because you clearly have a problem with subtleties... You're a mother fucking prick and a liar.

Saying I harass people who don't friend me is one of my favorite accusations.

I have no problem getting friends, because I understand human relations and know how to treat people who are friends. You, on the other hand, are a dolt.

The notes you sent my buddy, of course, reflect your character as a douchebag.

Your characterization of any message I sent you as a "threatening email" is laughable. That's only exceeded by the idiocy of my "finding out" who your brother is. If I by happenstance sent a message to your brother that was less than complimentary then it was in response to the sort of behavior that must run in your family. In short, piss on you and him too.

It was good of you to point out that you're spamming your friends, sending out five or six shares a day. It's a good thing you're stumbling that drivel you publish, you swine, because I notice most of the time nobody else is supporting it. Right.

By the way, in one note you wrote you criticized what I'm sharing and in another you complimented me. It's tough to know what to say, isn't it, when someone has you chasing your tail. N'yuck N'yuck N'yuck.

1 comment:

Sam said...

I can't have too much respect for some-one who states they are "in the process of filLing a restraining order".
Apart from the obvious spelling mistake, he seems a bit too, umm, dramatic for my liking. Dramatic in the 'ooh, i'm being bullied, mummy!' way. Grow up man. Be a Man - if you think Kilroy's being immature by responding to your whining, then why are you, in turn, responding back?? Pot, kettle, black, any-one?

As usual, beautifully written piece and it made me laugh.
Also, i've made a mental note to not send you any funny stick men pics (cos you know i stumble those ALL the time)