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The Woman And The Woman Within

The Woman And The Woman Within

Installment 1

We all know "those" women. And yet, we do not know them at all.

Beverly conveys an impeccably professional image. Tall and shapely, she dresses stylishly yet not in an overtly sexual way. While she is unquestionably confident, Beverly appears to be conservative and speaks in well monitored terms. Her brunette hair seems to always be in place and she regularly has her nails manicured.

The same Beverly enjoys wearing slutty lingerie and is likely not to wear panties at all when she sports her most conservative suits. She is very selective in those with whom she choose to be intimate. While some might believe the "public" Beverly to be a prude she in fact loves sex. She is adept in applying the power of submission; not only enjoys letting her hair down, but indeed loves having it pulled; moans and screams when making love and takes great pleasure from the response when she rakes her nails across a lover's back.

Thoughts of the evening to come are the first thing that enter Beverly's mind as she wakes to greet the day. She stretches and smiles; knowing that this evening would be spent having Eric make love to her. And fucking her.

Beverly closes her eyes and thinks of him; how she loves looking into his eyes as she stands tall in her heels, the smell of him, his broad shoulders and large hands. Eyes closed, Beverly begins running fingertips over her ample breasts; she circles her nipples as he does with his tongue. Thinking of his kisses, those wonderful kisses, she moves one hand down while continuing to caress her breast with the other. She runs a finger along her pussy; it is wet and steaming hot. In no time she is saying his name as the pleasure of one orgasm after another engulfs her.

Beverly is amazed at the thought it was the parent of one of her students who set them up. It still seemed almost fairy tale the way it was unfolding. Well, she thought, time to get moving....time to get to work.

Once at work, Beverly's daily routine started. Giggling interrupted her preparation for class. She peeked out into the hallway as a group of teachers appeared carrying a large basket of white roses.

Her colleagues giggled like schoolgirls, stopped in front of Beverly and handed her the card. "READ IT" they said. She studied the words. Carefully selected, she thought, as to leave no doubt about how he feels. Eric, he is so sweet, so thoughtful. She smiled enjoying the moment.

The giggling, once again, interrupted her thoughts. Beverly blushed. She was then shocked when one of her colleagues practically squealed, "THERE'S MORE!" They led Beverly to the teacher's lounge where she found a huge basket of pastries. Shaking her head, smiling broad and fighting back tears of joy Beverly invited her colleagues to partake of the generosity of her friend. Dare I say it, Beverly thought to herself, "my boyfriend"? The day seemed to drag on forever. Every class knew she was going out with her new guy. Needless to say it was a topic of constant converstation in her classes among the ladies.

Eric had said this would be an evening unlike one they had ever shared; a retreat that he knew she very much needed. What can that mean? After the events of the morning, she didn't know what to think. Had he been teasing her; were the roses and the pastries clues?

Beverly hadn't figure this puzzle out, yet. While she wouldn't tell Eric, this was part of the relationship that was really fun for her. I will figure it out, she thought, maybe tease it out of him? A devilish smile plays on her lips until a student gives her a smile of his own.

She quickly went back to her desk to clear the last of the work she needed to, so that she could devote all her attention to enjoying Eric's company.

As the clock inches towards the bell, Beverly is packing up almost as fast as the students. She smiles at the butterflies in her stomach at the thought of spending the evening with deadlines, no work, no papers to get in the way of us. She blushes at the remainder of that thought as the bell rings.

Beverly stands, dismisses the class and fixes her hair and make up. She walks out in her new outfit; hoping he will enjoy the short, deep purple, flared skirt with black blouse combination she selected. The extra inch in her heels was not an oversight on this day either.

As Beverly entered the hall, there was Eric...holding the door for a mother and her child. She just smiled and shook her head at the amazing man that had entered my life.

Installment 2

Beverly enjoyed seeing him there. He was tall, smartly dressed, and looking at her as she walked down the hallway.

Beverly never seemed to know the proper way to breathe around Eric. He made her melt. She felt a glow in her being, and tingling everywhere. Beverly knew her nipples were erect. By the scrutiny of Eric's glance he could see the way he affected her. He smiled and her heart pummeled her chest.

When Beverly approached him, Eric took her hand in his and kissed her ever so lightly on the cheek. She could smell him and her senses reeled. At that moment, all Beverly wanted was to be his. Unconditionally and completely.

Ready to go, Eric asked. All Beverly could do was nod affirmative as they opened the door to the sunlight. As they reached his car, Beverly was extremely excited. He opened the car door for her; standing so close to that she felt his breath stirring her hair.

Beverly was getting moist for Eric, anticipating tonight. She wanted it to start now. Her breath was ragged, uneven, as she climbed into the car. Sitting next to him, she felt the heat of his thigh pressing against hers. She wanted more, so much more.

Beverly looked into Eric's eyes and for a brief moment the world stopped for her. She was dripping for him. As they pulled out of the parking lot she turned to him and said she could not wait. Beverly laid her hand on Eric's thigh. She caressed him, moving in long strokes from his knee to his groin; not touching his loins, but wanting to. She heard a sound escape Eric's throat and he leaned back slightly so his loins were more accessible.

Beverly then touched Eric through the fabric of his trousers. She molded her hand to him feeling his hardness. She nibbled on his ear, kissed his neck...gave him pleasure...wanting him to want her as badly as she wanted him.

Beverly unzipped Eric's pants and pulled out his cock. She touched it, with nothing between her hand and him. He groaned and she started to slowly caress him. Beverly knew that she was pleasing Eric and she loved it. He took her head and lowered it, wanting so much more from Beverly than her touch.

Beverly licked the length of Eric's shaft in one long stroke. She looked up at him and started to devour him. He adjusted the seat back as far as he could and still reach the pedals. Beverly positioned her mouth over the tip and licked, sending quivers through him. Her hand went to her pussy, inside it, to fondle the hardened nub. Eric let out a loud groan when she put her lips on him and slowly worked down, taking every inch. He was slightly thrusting, wanting her to move faster. Beverly obliged Eric bobbing her head up and down, feeling his erection get bigger for her.

Beverly felt Eric tense and sucked even harder on his cock, knowing that soon he would explode. She wanting it. More though, she needing it. With a loud moan, Eric squirted down her throat. Feeling him twitch set off her own mild orgasm. Beverly slowed her pace, let his breathing start to normalize. Then, she took him out of her mouth. She raised up and smiled devilishly at him.

Eric put his arm around her shoulders as she zipped up his pants. "Are you ready for tonight?" he asked. Beverly just smiled.


Thanks to my collaborators A Texas Rose, A Rare Gem and Mistress Regina. If you're interested in adding an installment to the story email it to me.

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