Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Celebrity Homes On Google Earth

Search the web for home addresses of celebrities and the results range from aggravating dead ends to amazing finds.

If you want to plug in a name, ask for a home address and expect to get exactly what you're looking for I can tell you that's not going to happen in most cases.

Typically you have to do a bit of detective work, picking up a bits of information from different websites. Sometimes you'll find a picture of the property you're looking for, but, of course, what you see in the picture isn't likely to be what you see in Google Earth.

One interesting thing is that when you find the street address for some celebrity homes they aren't much to look at on Google Earth. Then there are cases where a number of celebrities live fairly close to each other and it's difficult to pick out one from another.

The best celebrity homes I found on Google Earth are...

Biltmore House, Ashville, North Carolina
(the largest privately owned home in the United States)

John Travolta, Ocala Florida
(Jumbolair, Greystone Airport)

Donald Trump, 515 N. County Road, Palm Beach, Florida
(Trump recently sold it for $100 million)

Michael Dell, Austin Texas

Mark Cuban, Preston Hollow, Dallas, Texas

Bill Gates, Medina, Washington
(overlooking Lake Washington)

Donald Trump, Palm Beach Florida
(Mar-A-Lago, 1100 S Ocean Boulevard)

Michael Jackson, Neverland Ranch, Santa Barbara County, California


mario said...

interest to know..

Unknown said...

google maps are pretty cool but somehow we are losing are privacy what little we have left :((
it is pretty cool as far as landscapes and public areas which are hard to access or we might never see otherwise!