Thursday, October 22, 2009

The E*Trade Baby Is A Rock Star


That's how many results you get when you do a Google search for E*Trade baby.

No doubt, it's the entertainment value of the commercials that draws in viewers. From there, repetition takes over to raise the brand's profile.

The spots premiered during Super Bowl XLII, in 2008. E*Trade ran two of the commercials late in the game, yet they ranked 13th and 14th in popularity among the 53 ads that were shown.

Check out the E*Trade baby commercials...


Bobo The Clown

Bad Girl


Singing Baby

Much better, I'd say, than: So simple a caveman can do it.


Michael K. Willis said...

The cynical angel of my nature wanted to find these commercials too precious but he was overruled by the rest of me which finds them charming and amusing. As long as some dim-witted suit at a TV network doesn't get the idea to try to turn the kid into a sitcom star...what is cute for 30 seconds just turns annoying if you try to stretch into 22 minutes (remember the late, unlamented "Baby Bob"? No I didn't think so...)

TJF4316 said...

U my friend.......are out to for Bush...It should be give the Big the Boot....

Unknown said...

i don't know what it is about babies but no matter what they are doing almost everyone will stop and watch them !! cool post thanks

mario said...

LOL That’s funny

Danny Brown said...

Haha, Singing Baby is awesome! Wish we got these commercials in Canada, class :)