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The Secrets We Share

The Secrets We Share

Installment 1

Rebecca kicked off her high heeled sandals underneath the table. She leaned back, sipped her glass of Chardonay and surveyed the patio where various couples and small groups were sitting in the warmth of the afternoon sun.

Rebecca had just completed a marathon day of shopping with two of her best friends at The Galleria, the most upscale mall in town. Having each gone their separate way after lunch, they agreed to meet back at this sweet little wine bar tucked away a block from the mall.

Rebecca felt drained; the full day of shopping wore her out. But she was pleased with her purchases. There was a pair of linen designer cropped pants that fit her like a glove, an Italian beaded and braided belt and a pair of Jimmy Choo's! Rebecca loved shoes; almost as much as she loved sex!

It did not take any thought to know Ali would be the first to arrive. She, the recently divorced 'uber-mom' who had been voted 'Most Slutty' by their group because of her revolving bedroom door of sex partners. "Damn," thought Rebecca. "Maybe I should divorce Eric. At least I would get more attention than I 've been getting lately."

Caroline would surely be last to arrive, thought Rebecca with slight irritation. She was the "bohemian" of the group. Her style was eclectic; a mix of the expensive with the cheap. If there was one thing that could be depended on, it was that Caroline would be late.

Rebecca secretly admired Caroline's artistic flair, though, and the way she drew men's eyes. While not a standard beauty, she walked as sex would if it had legs...sultry, sleek and purring. Caroline was tall, standing nearly six feet without heels. She wore her chestnut hair straight, just a bit past her shoulders, and she had stunning green eyes.

Rebecca sighed. "God," she thought. "It has been so long since I have been fucked long and hard all night. I want it." She was no slouch in the looks department herself. She was, in fact, a classic beauty in every way. Rebecca had an oval shaped face with large grey wide-set eyes. Her nose was straight and classic, a plastic surgeon's dream tapered down to perfect lips that were full and rosy in color. Her long, blond hair was perfectly cut in layers that framed her madonna like face. The highlights were golden, caramel and baby blond.

Rebecca kept herself well-maintained. She worked out with her personal trainer three times per week. There were regular manicures, pedicures and waxings. She was a sweet package; curvy full breasts set high, a tiny waist, softly curved hips and toned, muscular legs.

Yes, Rebecca felt confident about her looks as she awaited her friends. A couple of men had been eyeing her for the last ten minutes. Rebecca bet herself that it would take approximately five minutes more before they sent her over another glass of wine. Yes, she was right. She secretly smiled to herself. Just then Ali, beautiful china doll Ali, arrived.

"Rebecca!" Ali enthused. Ali was always enthusiastic. Well, except for that period in the depths of her divorce. But Ali had a cheerleader's temperament; outdoorsy, perky and always in motion. "Gawd....." Ali drawled in her deep south accent. "I could live at that mall and still not make it to every store!"

Ali ordered herself a glass of pinot grigio as she recounted her purchases to Rebecca: "I found the most wunderful pair of jeans. Have you heard of Joe's jeans? I tried on a pair of the 'Honey's' and they were absolutely perfect. They made my ass look like a piece of four-bidden fruit!"

Rebecca laughed. Ali always managed to light up a room. She had a head full of wild, dark brown curls. A light dusting of freckles across her upturned nose and big china blue eyes rimmed with thick lashes completed her doll-like perfection. She was petite at 5-2" but had all the right stuff in all the right places. Men were drawn to her laughter and warmth. Plus, from what Rebecca had gathered, Ali liked to fuck all night! Surprise, surprise, their sweet little Ali turning into such a slut.

Precisely at that moment Caroline appeared. Late as usual, gliding her way around the tables to Rebecca and Ali. "Hey girlfriends. Sorry I'm late. Got stuck in the dressing room," she said. Caroline had an engaging grin. "Hmmmm I wonder what she meant by that remark", thought Rebecca.

Rebecca then chastised herself silently, " Rebecca girl quit being such a bitch..." She just felt frustrated and restless. Eric had recently made partner and was rarely at home. If he was at home, he was reading through court briefs late into the night, often falling asleep on the leather sofa in the study. Rebecca was getting fed up with the lack of attention.

Caroline ordered herself a glass of Sonoma Mtn. red. It was her favorite. She kicked off her clogs and leaned her head back, enjoying the feeling of the sun basking on her skin. "Hmmm....nothing like a quickie in the dressing room and a glass of red wine to top it off", she thought. Caroline was rather circumspect about her little 'adventures.' She was a married woman and mother of three, afterall. And fairly content with her marriage. But Caroline had....cravings. Secret cravings that even her friends were not privy to. Caroline was always the one to turn a comment into an innuendo of the sexual sort. She liked fucking and felt very comfortable with her sensuality.

"So, girls, what have I missed?" Caroline asked. They each preceded to amuse one another with tales of their shopping day. There were invariably almost cat-fights while rifling through designer sales racks. Then there were te scary women, "The Stepford Wives" they called them. These were women who had had a little too much plastic surgery and it showed! They spoke of the bargains they had found and reveled in the splurges they had indulged in. Yes, indeed, it had been a fine day of shopping for this most unlikely grouping of three friends.

As Rebecca and Ali chattered on, each now on her third glass of wine, Caroline's mind drifted back to her afternoon 'misadventure.'

What her friends didn't know about Caroline was the "secret relationship" she was having with her computer. Caroline had recently taken up chatting and blogging. They were activities to fill some of her free time and alleviate boredom.

One day Caroline saw something in one of the chatrooms that she thought might be interesting. There hasn't been any interesting men messaging her so she decided to move on. She followed a link to a blog. The thing that that immediately caught her attention was not the content of this blog, but the extensive list of links. Being new to the blogosphere, Caroline was enthusiastic to explore.

As she clicked through from one site to another, Caroline stumbled upon a blog full of erotica, female erotica. Her first reaction was to click the first link she saw. Her face red with embarrassment. But something compelled her to return, and return and to return again.

Caroline got hooked on reading accounts of hot, dripping pussies being fucked and fucked and fucked. It wasn't long before she began masturbating regularly in front of her computer. One day, Caroline took the next step. She commented on one of the stores; one which had particularly aroused her.

This led to something Caroline didn't expect. When she next returned to the blog, she was curious if there were comments following the one she had written. She found a note from the "Mistress" of the blog responding to her comment. Caroline had been encouraged to continue responding. She was told that her feedback was appreciated. The "Mistress" also wanted to know how Caroline was 'feeling' when she read the erotica. As Caroline became more explicit in her comments, "My pussy is fucking red hot right now. I'm fingering it, tasting my sweet, salty juices....!" The "Mistress" praised and encouraged.

Soon, Caroline found herself in a private one-on-one email exchange with "The Mistress". At first the emails were just an extension of Caroline's commentaries. She wrote how hot she was feeling and how horny the stories made her.

Soon the "Mistress" began to challenge Caroline. She began to challenge her in unique ways. "Seduce your husband tonight, Caroline. Make him beg for it. Use him for your pleasure", the "Mistress" wrote. Caroline was incredibly aroused by the turn of events. In another message Caroline was told, "Tell him how horny you are. Let him know you've been reading porn online. Tell him those are the things you want him to do to you." Caroline began to look forward to the next message. She, in fact, wanted more from the "Mistress". Her pussy began to get wet when she would see there was a new email. "Seduce him. Ride him like he's never been ridden before! Then I want you to email me and tell me all about it. Every detail Caroline." Caroline's clit was throbbig now as she read, "DO YOU UNDERSTAND? DO AS YOU ARE TOLD, CAROLINE!"

She was being directed by an unknown "Mistress" to act out her wildest fantasies. Caroline purrrrred like the cat she was. Now her "Mistress" had ramped up the stakes. She commanded Caroline to seduce a man while she was out shopping with her girlfriends. Her instructions were explicit. "Pick out your prey, Caroline. Show me how sexy you can be, how seductive. I want you to take him to a dressing room. I want you to fuck him like the hot, horny slut I know you to be. Don't give him any details about yourself. JUST USE HIM! When you are done, taste yourself. Taste the cum mixed with your own cum. Then tell me about it. I expect a full report by tomorrow morning, CAROLINE. DO IT!!"

Caroline had been incredibly aroused all morning as she shopped and scoped out her potential prey. Her pussy was slick with her juices. Her nipples hard in anticipation. Her stomach nervous with butterflies.

She had been browsing the men's department of her favorite upscale store looking for a shirt and tie for her husband. She usually tried to buy him a 'token' gift in hopes of off-setting his disapproval of her spending spree.

The cute sales assistant, Kurt, had been following her like a lost puppy from the moment she entered the area. "Can I be of any assistance m'am?" he asked with a broad smile. Caroline considered him for a moment; dark auburn hair, broad shoulders and hazel eyes. Yummm, but no.

Caroline had already set her sites on a more virile prey. A few feet away stood a gorgeous hunk of a man. Dark wavy hair, silvering slightly at the temples. He had chiseled features; a squared jaw, dimpled chin and sexy hazel eyes. He was beyond six feet tall, important considering Caroline's considerable height. He was dressed in khaki cargo shorts, a neat blue polo and Mephisto all terrain shoes. His legs were tan, lean and sinewy. His shoulders broad and his nails neat. Yes, this definitely was what Caroline was looking for. Exactly.

"Um, no. Thank you anyway Kurt. But I think I know what I'm looking for," Carolinesaid with her infamous grin. Disappointment flashing across his face, Kurt backed off looking for other customers to serve.

Now Caroline went to work. She sauntered over to the tie rack situated next to the table where the tall, handsome one was thumbing through shirts. Caroline knew what her assets were; her gorgeous green eyes, her long lean legs and her grin. She was wearing a knee length denim pencil skirt, embroidered down the seam with an asian motif. She had a tight fitting tee shirt on , white with a red chinese dragon spray painted on the front. Her left arm was aglow with her funky bangles; beaded bracelets from Guatemala, chinese jade and silver charm bracelets. She was wearing her favorite Jes MaHarry chunky ring on her right hand. She had a low slung braided belt draped around her hips, ending in tassels trailing down like an arrow pointed to her crotch. She had worn her cute, flower cut-out clogs - easy to step out of - to finish off the look.

Caroline sidled over to the table. "Um, do you see any size L in that dark hunter green?", she innocently asked him. He looked up into a pair of the greenest eyes he had ever seen. "First mistake", Caroline thought smugly. His eyes traveled down the long, lean length of her taking in the considerable amount of leg she was showing. "Second mistake....come on baby go for number three," she thought. He looked back at her face framed by her chestnut colored hair that had the "I just got fucked" messy look that she had perfected. She widened her eyes innocently and drawled, "Or maybe an XL would fit you better." With that, she flashed him her wicked grin. Strike three. The gorgeous hunk on which she had set her sites was out and walking into the bull pen; Caroline's favorite place to play.

"Hi, my name is Gregory, Gregory Starck," he said with an answering smile of his own. "Hi Gregory Starck. I'm Caroline," she purred back. Her nerves were thrumming.

Caroline heard her Mistress's commands in her mind. She was incredibly aroused at the thought of fucking this stranger. Now to zero in on the kill. Caroline leaned over, brushing her hardened nipple against the back of Gregory's hand as she picked up the polo. She playfully held it up to him, resting her hands lightly on his shoulders: "Hmmm. You're definitely an XL she smiled up at him, licking her lips. But I don't think the color is right for you."

Caroline deliberately wedged herself between Gregory and the display table. Spreading her long, lean legs slightly apart, she leaned over, doggie style in front of Gregory and reached as far as she could towards the back of the table. She had already spied the color she wanted in the correct size. This position was for Gregory's benefit....a taste of what was to come. Caroline held the position a fraction longer than was necessary. She felt Gregory's eyes travel down her ass and the incredible length of leg, noting the taunt calf muscles accentuated by the heels of her clogs.

Caroline turned and looked at him over her shoulder. His eyes were riveted on her legs, his hand very close to her left thigh - Lust was written all over her face. "Come on Lover," thought Caroline, "come to me, baby!"

Caroline whipped around holding the slate blue polo in her hands. As she began to saunter towards the fitting rooms, she looked back at Gregory over her shoulder and said with a mischievious grin, "Come on. Let's try it on. I believe this one will be just purrr-fect for you, Gregory." And like a magnet drawn to steel, Gregory followed Caroline to the fitting room. His mind focused only on one thing: ramming his steel-hard cock into this feline's red hot pussy while she wrapped those incredible legs around his waist.

Installment 2

"Caroline? Caroline? Anybody home in there?" Ali drawled.

While Ali and Rebecca had been lost in their own conversation about Molly, the missing fourth member of the group, Caroline had been staring dreamily off into space.

Ali narrowed her eyes. Caroline looked like a cat who had caught her mouse; and thoroughly enjoyed it! Caroline responded with a lazy, sarcastic smile, "Yes, Ali dahlin'?"

"We were talking about Molly. Have you spoken to her lately?" Caroline pondered the question for a moment.

Molly used to be a regular at their outings. She was fun and spunky with her rocker girl chic that included spikey hair, tattoos and piercings. {Caroline especially loved the belly button ring.} Molly had recently finalized a particularly vicious divorce; she'd had enough of pretending to be the suburban princess.

Molly took a stand and revealed what had always had been. While she loved men, she enjoyed the taste of women as well. This fact didn't faze Caroline. She had always suspected. But, Rebecca was shocked. She couldn't even look at Molly without blushing for a time. Ali, in her sweet cheerleader way, empathized with Molly. They soon became fast friends {birds of a feather}. This irritated Caroline who used to be Ali's confidante.

Ali, miffed by Caroline's tone and mood, turned to Rebecca saying, "It just doesn't feel right without Molly here. Maybe we should plan an evening out - the four of us - for dinner and drinks?" Rebecca agreed as they both turned to Caroline. "Sure, sounds good to me," said Caroline. Ali's freckled face flushed under Caroline's scrutiny. "Gawd, can that woman read minds..." she said ot herself

Ali felt like Caroline was reading her traitorous thoughts. She was finding it nearly impossible not to think of the time she'd shared with Molly the previous night.

While Ali perpetuated the myth that she had a revolving door of lovers since her divorce, the truth was that there were only a few men here and there. it was indeed Molly who had been her steady lover. Ali, raised a prim and proper southern girl, was somewhat mortified by her own daring behavior. Yet, secretly, she was pleased with herself. She bet she could even outshock the seductive Caroline with hers and Molly's sensuality.

Last night had been heavenly for Ali. Molly came to her home after the children had gone to bed. They were used to having Molly around. She brought Ali a bouquet of her favorite flowers, irises, and a bottle of wine. "Aunt Molly" also bought gifts for the children.

What Ali loved about Molly was her ability to build up the tension, the arousal. She was not like a man who bulldozed his way into the bedroom...fucking hard and fast...only to then roll over and fall off to sleep.

Molly began by rubbing Ali's tense shoulders. Slowly, her hands skimmed downward and around Ali's waist, unbuttoning her shirt as she went. Molly was sitting on the floor; she leaned up against the leather sofa with Ali in between her legs. Ali was her delicious southern peach. Molly slowly began circling Ali's nipples, pinching them lightly through her satin bra. Ali purrrrrred. Molly kissed Ali's shoulder and the tender juncture of her neck, nipping lightly. She whispered in Ali's ear, "Does this feel good, Ali?" Ali, with her eyes closed moaned softly, "Yesssssss. Oooooooh God, yesssssssss.

Molly expertly removed Ali's shirt and bra. She then turned her around and their legs wrapped around one another. Molly dipped her head and took each of Ali's beautiful nipples into her mouth, licking and sucking. Her hands continued to massage Ali's breasts,gently, and she rubbed her hard nipples. Ali's head hung back as she closed her eyes and softly moaned,"Molllllly, Molllly. Pleeeeeeease, donnnnnnn't stoppppppp."

Ali began to tenatively explore Molly. This is what really excited her. It was Ali's first lesbian lover. Touching Molly's firm breasts; sucking on her nipples; running her tongue down to Molly's flat, taunt belly with its piercing. Molly gasped. Ali was a quick learner and Molly was loving her student's response!

They stood up together. Bare chested, Ali and Molly wrapped their arms around one another and began kissing deeply. Their lips were soft and gentle. Their tongues darting playfully.

Ali grabbed Molly's hand and led her back to the bedroom. They both quickly skimmed out of their jeans and underwear. Molly was all muscle, lean hipped and big breasted. Compact. Ali was rounder, softer and lightly dusted with freckles.

They lay together on the silk down comforter, entwining their legs around one another, kissing and kissing. Lightly touching here and here and there, tension was growing incredibly with each passing second. Molly made the first move; she brushed her fingers against Ali's throbbing clit. Ali let out a sharp gasp. Molly began slowly stroking Ali's pussy. She circled the lips. Then lightly dipped a finger into her already flowing juices before returning to her clit to rub again.

Ali's parted her legs to provide Molly with full access to her wanting pussy. Molly lowered herself to taste Ali. She licked the throbbing clit and then ran her tongue around Ali's swollen pussy lips, tasting her peachy juices. Molly began to slowly fuck Ali with her fingers: first one, then two, then three. She increased the rythm as she continued to suck on Ali's clit; licking it in a firm but steady motion. Ali's head began to move from side to side. She moaned louder and louder, "Yes, Molly, yessssssss. Fuck me faster! Finger my wet pussy, Molly! Lick my clit. Faster Molly, faster! Molllllly!! Mollllllllyyyyyyy!!!" Molly expertly finger fucked Ali.

Just as she felt Ali begin to reach her orgasm, Molly withdrew her fingers. She reached up to wrap Ali in her arms. Molly kissed her deeply; sharing Ali's taste between them. "Not yet, my sweet Ali, not yet," she whispered. Ali, with lust glazed eyes, moaned and slid down Molly's smooth belly. She was kissing her lightly as she moved to Molly's hairless pussy. Now it was Ali's turn to taste what she thought to be a bit of heaven.

Installment 3

"Ali?," Rebecca said. "Ali?" she repeated. Then, emphatically, "Hello, Ali."

Ali flushed a deep red. She was the one now being reprimanded for allowing her thoughts to stray. Oh, but they were such delicious thoughts. Inwardly, she sighed. She was anxious to get home; she wanted to connect with Molly.

"Yes, Rebecca?" Ali responded. "I was asking,"Rebecca said, "if you want your glass refilled." She noted, "It appears we have some admirers over at the bar." All three women turned to look. Precisely at that moment, a group of five men raised their drinks in salute. "To beauty" they cried. The girls all giggled; it was a fitting end to a perfect day of shopping. Caroline half muttered, "They should have saluted, 'To beauty and sex'... That would have made it perfect." Rebecca rolled her eyes at Caroline and her endless sex talk. "God," she said to herself. "Doesn't that girl ever get enough?"

Their cute waiter, Tom, brought a bottle of wine...courtesy of: "The Gentlemen At The Bar." Caroline couldn't believe she hadn't seen him standing there; especially as cute as he was. She wasn't the only one to notice. Rebecca eyed him, thoughtfully.

Tom was a younger version of Rebecca's husband Eric, but a hell of a lot more attentive. He had wavy brown hair, on the longish side, with wide, ocean blue eyes and dimples to die for when he smiled. She particularly loved the dimple in his chin. He was approximately 6' even; with a runner's build – lean and muscular. She liked the tattoo that winked beneath the rolled back sleeve of his shirt.

It was clearly apparent that Tom liked Rebecca. He took extra care, when he filled her glass, to gaze directly in her eyes. He asked if there was anything else she needed. "Anything at all," he added. Rebecca favored him with a sensual smile. She lightly licked her beautiful, full lips before responding. "No, I'm good for now, Brad. But….thank you. Maybe later." He grinned back at her, eyes locked on her luscious mouth. "Anytime, just let me know," he said. Rebecca made a mental note.

Caroline, irritated by Brad's attentiveness to Rebecca, drawled in her ever so bitchy way, "Looks like someone needs to get laid, Rebecca darhlin'. And our cute little waiter is more than willing to oblige you." Ali gasped at Caroline's daring; she was taking it too far this time.

Before Ali could open her mouth to defend Rebecca, Rebecca replied, with a devilish grin. "Yes, well…it does appear that I have a number of choices tonight. Now doesn't it, Caroline." With that Rebecca swept her eyes to the men at the bar. And then, to a table behind Caroline. When she twisted around to see whom Rebecca was referring to, her mouth dropped open. There sat the most gorgeous man she had ever seen. He was drop-dead hot; skin the color of ebony, a small diamond winking in his ear. He obviously was well….built and alone. Drinking a glass of wine while checking his blackberry, he appeared oblivious to their scrutiny. Except for the upturned corners of his mouth as he tried to suppress his smile. He was used to attention from women and their gasps of pleasure.

Caroline's eyes narrowed as she turned and appraised Rebecca, "I dare you," she said, knowing full well that Rebecca was the most 'sedate' member of their group. She was the one most likely to appear in control and proper at all times. Rebecca, privately irritated both at Caroline's dare and her own body's traitorous reaction to it - whispering in her ear, yes, yes, yes...fucking yes, gave Caroline a cool smile back. She said, "Go ahead on home Caroline; you and Ali. I think I'm going to sit and enjoy the cool evening...and another glass from my 'friends' before I go.

Caroline downed her wine and stood up; pissed at being dismissed. Who did she think she was anyway? Caroline hoped Rebecca did get fucked – royally fucked – soon! She was becoming a diva. "Come on Ali, I'll walk you to the car," said Caroline. Ali, confused, looked at both women. She stammered, Reb ec ca...are you sure you want to be alone?" Rebecca gently smiled at Ali, patting her hand. "Yes, sweetheart, go on home to those adorable children of yours. Eric is out of town again and I need some time alone...to think.

Rebecca lingered over her Chardonnay after Caroline and Ali left. One of the 'pack' at the bar broke away. He swaggered over to her table, then bent down apparently to pick something up from the floor. He placed a napkin on her table and said, "I believe you dropped this." Rebecca responded, coolly, "No I don't believe it's mine." The somewhat inebriated gentleman insisted, grinningly, "Yes, it is yours...see? " With that, he turned the napkin towards her. On it was written: You are the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. If you are free, I would love to have you for dinner. - Scott. Underneath the message, two phone numbers were scrawled. "Are you Scott?" asked Rebecca. "Yes," he replied with a wanting smile. Rebecca smiled warmly back at him. "I'm flattered Scott, really I am," she said. "You have been very generous this evening." She knew how much he wanted her as she continued. "I'm sorry; I'm unavailable," she said as she flashed him her diamond wedding band. Scott's face fell. "You can't blame a guy for trying," he said. "You are truly, beautiful." Rebecca looked into his eyes, "Thank you Scott. I mean it; especially for the wine. You have made my evening quite delicious," Rebecca replied generously. She understood that saving face in front of his friends meant everything to Scott at the moment.

Thank goodness that was over, thought Rebecca. Her mind instantly went back to Caroline's dare. Did she dare? She considered her possibilities. There was Tom, the cute waiter. He could probably fuck all night, like a bull. There was the stud with his blackberry; solo and obviously enjoying the show Scott just put on. Rebecca answered his raised eyebrow with a smile and a raised glass. He nodded at her, flashing a beautiful smile, but he made no move to join her.

Rebecca's thoughts then drifted to Robert de Villiers, the businessman she met last weekend at the charity ball. The handsome Cajun who had left her his business card...and an interesting proposal. The thoughts raced feverishly through her head. She felt dissatisfied and antsy. She was tired of her life; the endless rounds of charity events, throwing parties, lunches out, shopping sprees. As much as she hated to admit it, Caroline was right. Rebecca did need to get laid. Soon! God, she was so fucking horny. And just a bit piqued that the businessman in the corner had made no move, though he was watching her out of the corner of his eye.

Impatiently, with her clit swelling at her thoughts, her body betraying the 'Ice Princess,' Rebecca finished her wine and bent to round up her purchases. Immediately, hunky Tom was at her side. "May I help you to the car with your bags?" he asked. Rebecca shrugged, why not? With a full smile, she nodded to Mr. Blackberry at the next table, thanked again her 'admirers' at the bar and headed out to the parking lot with Tom. After she opened the hatch of her luxury SUV, Tom stowed all the bags in the back for her. He insisted on running around to open her car door. When Rebecca turned to thank him, Tom leaned in and quickly kissed Rebecca on the lips. "Whoa there, cowboy," Rebecca said, pushing against his chest with both her hands. "C'mon baby, " he said, clearly horny as hell. "You know you want it as much as I do. Rebecca mentally rolled her eyes; what a lame come – on. She was becoming increasingly tired of dealing with the egos of men who thought she should somehow be grateful for their attention! "Thanks, sweetie, but no thanks. You are a bit on the 'green' side for my tastes," she countered. Tom's face darkened in anger as he gripped her arm, pulling her towards him. Just at that moment, Mr. Blackberry appeared from behind her car. "Excuse me, is there a problem here m'am?" he said forcefully. Rebecca practically melted from the honeyed drawl of his m'am, not to mention with relief. She really did not want to have to break any nails slugging this kid. Tom immediately dropped his hands, stepping backwards. "Nah, man. I'm just helping the lady into her car." There was to be no doubt how Mr. Blackberry felt. "Well, man," he said, "it appears to me, that 'the lady' does not need any help. I think she would just like to leave – alone. Tom slunk away and Rebecca turned to thank her rescuer.

"Hello, I'm Marcus," he said, holding out his hand. "Rebecca," she said as she slipped her hand into his. There was instant electricity. Marcus held on to Rebecca's hand and asked, "Are you sure that you are all right? Do you want me to call someone?" For a moment, she was speechless. "No, no," Rebecca said. "I'm fine...and there is truly no one to call." Marcus looked her straight in the eye. "A pity," he said. "A fine woman such as yourself with no one to call." He pulled out his wallet and, without ever losing eye contact with Rebecca, pulled out a business card. Turning it over, Marcus wrote down his personal numbers. He handed it to her and said simply, "If you ever need someone to call." Then, he added, "If you ever need someone to talk to, Call me. I mean it" His smile was flashing brightly in his beautiful dark face. Rebecca felt her own smile answering his back. "Sure, ok. Thanks," she said. "I mean, Thank you. Really, for everything." {Oh, Goddd was she rattled. She began thinking about calling him, now...telling him about her needs...her need to be fucked royally by his huge black cock. Right now!)

"No, I'm serious. Call me, anytime, Rebecca," he said as he helped her into the car. "Anytime, Rebecca," he emphasized as he shut her door. "Thank you," she whispered. Then, she watched in the rear view mirror as he strolled back to the bar. She had a feeling that her 'honor' was going to be defended, quite well. She was almost tempted to go back and watch, just for the thrill of it.

"Damn, what an evening," Rebecca said to herself as she locked the car doors. She turned on her favorite classical music and reclined the seat. It was a feeble attempt to calm her jangling nerves...and her wet, hungry pussy. Rebecca's mind washed over the 'men' of the day: the overeager Brad; the hound dog-eyed Scott; Marcus, her hero; Eric, her husband and Robert de Villiers. They all wanting to be at her beck and call. Well, all except her husband who was growing increasingly distant from her.

As her mind wandered, so did Rebecca's hands. They went down over her curving breasts, feeling the hardening of her nipples through the silk of her blouse. She molded them with her hands, squeezing lightly. She let her hand sink downward. Rebecca slid her skirt up to her waist, revealing her slutty lingerie. Rebecca loved lingerie as much as she loved her shoes: the sexier, the racier, the better. It was her secret vice.

She allowed her fingers to circle her pussy's moistened lips, lightly touching her swollen clit, moaning in anticipation. She needed more. Pushing aside the cloth of her thong, she began to circle her tight asshole; then slipped her pinkie finger in. As she did, she gasped. Goddddd that felt so fucking gooddddddd! Rebecca proceeded to work her asshole with her small pinky finger. It was just enough penetration to torment her body, but not too much. She placed two fingers of her other hand in her mouth to wet them; then moved her hand down to her now soaking wet pussy. Sliding in, Rebecca began rotating her fingers to the hilt. She began rhythmically fucking her pussy and her ass. She was lowly and deliciously building up the pleasure as she fantasized about Marcus. His muscular body – black as obsidian – his thick cock filling her up to the hilt...thrusting his powerful hips into hers. "Oh fuck... fuck... fuck..." she thought. She was wanting him, wanting his cock in her sooooooo bad. Her pussy was creaming with the thought; her clit demanding attention. Rebecca held back, fucking her ass and pussy over and over and over. She bagan moaning loudly, "Marcus, oh Marcus. I need you. I need you, Marcus"

She was getting hungrier and hungrier for a royal fucking. Rebecca impatiently kicked off her shoes, unbuttoned her blouse and opened her bra. With her gorgeous breasts exposed, she began twisting the nipples. She lifted her breasts to nibble and suck on each one. The pleasure was mounting inside her pussy. Unbidden, the face of Robert de Villiers entered her mind. She remembered how his gaze lingered often on her breasts. "Robert," she said, lost in her thoughts. "Robert," she repeated as her breathing grew heavier. She knew how he would love to suckle on her nipples. She thought of him rotating her breasts in his large hands, lifting and squeezing them. Thought of him biting her nipples. "Robert, mmmmmmmmm Oh, Robert," Rebecca could not remember when she had been this horny.

Her hands started flowing over her body – everywhere. She was squeezing her breats…. pinching her nipples... sliding into her pussy, fucking in and out, in and out... moving up to her clit. Rebecca gassspppppped at the intense wave of pleasure. The first shock wave to hit. Back to her tight ass, she plunged more fingers in deeper. Rebecca became a living breathing animal. She was groaning and began wildly moaning. She was wanting it , needing it. More and more, she needed to be fucked, sucked, licked, pounded by cock... by mouths... by hands... by teeth... Everything became a blur as Rebecca was being overcome by her needs. Her hand was rocking her clit... Her pussy was being fucked... As was her ass... Rebecca's orgasm mounted; her thoughts a mélange of men. All she could think of were men. Her mind was full of cock! She thought of sucking them... licking them... being fucked in the ass by them... having them plunging into her fucking pussy... She heard words being whispered in her ear. Hot bitch... Slut... Horny bitch... You want it, don't you. Tell me, how much do you want it? Rebecca begam screaming, "Yes! Yes! Yes! I want it now!! Oh, God, I need to be fucked now!!!" Moaning, with her head tossing, the car rocked from her desperate moves. Rebecca fucked herself with wild abandon; hitting all her pleasure spots until she felt her climax begin to peak. As much as she wanted to cum, Oh God, she was desperate, she didn't want to lose this feeling. Rebecca gasped and stopped for a minute. Her fingers were poised above her clit and pussy. She was enjoying every bit of that delicious feeling; hanging suspended over the edge. Then she plunged, screaming at the top of her lungs, "Fuckkkkkkkkkk meeeeeeeeee!! Oh God!!! Oh my God!!! I'm cummmmmminnnnnggggggggg!!!!" Her head was tossing wildly. With her hips bucking under her hands, moaning like a wild animal, Rebecca felt wave after delicious wave rock her body again and again and again. "Fuckkkkkkkk meeeeeeeee!! Fuckkkkkkk meeeeeeeeee!! Fuckkkkkkk meeeeeeeeeee!!" she was screaming.

At that very moment Rebecca's eyes flew opened. She locked gazes with Marcus, who had parked diagonally in front of her. His gaze was hungry, his mouth was open as his tongue licked his lips. Rebecca's face flooded with pleasure, with hunger and with some embarrassment at having been caught. It was a delicious sort of embarrassment, though, considering the animal-like way Marcus was watching her. It was as though she were his prey and he was going to pounce any minute. Rebecca slowly uprighted her seat, never breaking her gaze with Marcus. She slowly backed her car out of the parking slot. She continued to gently stroke her creamed pussy, watching Marcus and knowing that he would be jacking off for her at any second. She smiled in pleasure; now he would not stop thinking of her, wanting her. Not after that 'show'.

Rebecca proceeded to drive home. She had one hand on the wheel and the other working her pussy and clit. After masturbating in the parking lot, she was even hornier how. But, she needed more than her hand or any of the toys she had at home.

Later that evening, Rebecca sat alone, again, next to the fireplace. She mused on her day. The increasingly dissatisfaction with her life... her rapid orgasms... her 'conquest' of Marcus... Would she allow him to have more than she'd given him earlier in the day? In her hand sat both Marcus' and Robert's business cards, private cell phone numbers written on the backs.

Her husband was increasingly distant, unavailable to her and her passionate needs. He catered more and more to the demanding clients in his law practice. He was happy having her serve as a decoration on his arm at public affairs. Why, she wondered, did she feel the necessity to be more. Rebecca was definitely in the midst of some sort of crisis. It was reaching epidemic proportions. Which is why she was considering calling one of the two men. Or possibly both.

Mr. de Villiers had presented her an interesting proposal. One she was considering seriously. Tall, swarthy with curly black hair, silvering at the temples. He had stunning green eyes rimmed with thick black lashes. Lean and narrow hipped with beautifully manicured hands. "Mr. Robert de Villiers, sounds French," she had said. "Naw Leans" he had drawled in a mock Cajun accent. "I descend from generations of New Orleanians," he stated. He had spent the evening peppering her with questions regarding the organizing of the evening's event: Who was in charge (her of course); how long did it take to organize (one month from her carefully prepared list of volunteers); cost; complimenting her on the ambiance, the food, the entertainment and finally the auction items. (I can do this with my eyes closed, she thought...)

Robert, in turn, studied Rebecca and her expressions during their conversation. Her elegance had attracted him, her sophistication held him and her cool demeanor kept thim engaged. He approved of the slim, black dress she wore, her evident lean curves, the honey blond hair up swept in a french twist, the discreet diamond jewelry. And the ring on her left finger. He noted her eyes, how they widened, darkened, wondering what color would they turn in passion. He was confident that beneath the ice princess exterior, a scorching hot, lusty female lurked.

"Do you do this for a living?" he asked her. Rebecca responded with a half laugh, "I wish I did, for the money, considering the amount of time I put into it." In a slight, honeyed southern drawl, Robert responded, "I'm looking for a, partner. Someone to take over the organizing of events similar to these, but on a smaller, more intimate scale. I need a person who can take charge, make excellent choices and finalize decisions on her own. A person who will arrange small dinner parties for, say, ten people or so. Then, attend as well. Serving as my representative, a hostess." Rebecca's eyes narrowed at the word "hostess", but Robert disarmed her with a charmingly brilliant smile. "Sometimes, I select the wrong word; you would be like the master choreographer and we, the attendees, your willing dance partners." She laughed at his whimsical phrasing, enjoying his wit and charm. She agreed to consider the proposal, taking his card along with the $15,000 check he wrote to the children's charity. A profitable addition to her evening.

Rebecca sat in her club chair, studying Robert's number. Across town, she was the focus of his thoughts. Rocking back in his leather office chair, Robert was enjoying a lovely, petite brunette; yet it was Rebecca who filled his mind. As she teased, licked and sucked his thick cock, he absent-mindedly ran his hands through her hair, thinking of Rebecca made his cock swell even more. He thought of how she would look hot and horny, begging to be fucked, moaning and screaming as she came. Hwas is climax building swiftly as his dwelled upon that image of her. Then, grunting, he rocketed his thick wad onto the brunette's face, into her hair, all over her large tits. Yes, he thought in anticipation, Rebecca would do very nicely. She would be a beautiful addition to his 'organization.' With his cock swelling again, he shoved the brunette's face back into his crotch. Dreaming of Rebecca and his 'business partners; how dearly they would love to pay to watch the delicious Rebecca writhe and scream in front of them at 'their' intimate gatherings.

At that moment, Rebecca had a decision to make. She picked up her cell phone and dialed. She was truly excited about the possibilities that lay before her.


Thanks to my collaborators Horny Housewife and Mistress Regina. If you're interested in adding an installment to the story email it to me.

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