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The Price We Pay

The Price We Pay

Installment 1

Kate rifled impatiently through the rack of yoga gear before her. It had been a hellish morning; nothing had gone quite right. A pilates class would ease the tension, she thought.

Pilates! That was what had brought Kate to this 'upscale' outdoor store to begin with. The instructor had reprimanded Kate, again, for wearing her baggy sweats and a tee shirt to class. "Body lines!" the instructor barked imperiously. "I need to see your body lines, Kate, so that I can correct your poor alignment." Kate stoop silently, while shouting "Bitch!" in her mind. Her instructor should have been happy that she made it on time the way the day had been going, Kate thought.

With irritation flashing across her high cheek boned face, Kate went whipping around a corner in search of the fitting rooms. She ran smack dab into a solid wall of a man. At 5' 9" Kate rarely had to look up to anyone. This man, though, was was at least 6'3".

As she was opening her mouth to apologize, he spoke. "Have a fire to get to?" he asked in a deep voice that that commanded Kate's attention. He grinned, with one eyebrow cocked upwards. For a moment, Kate's brain could not connect with her mouth. She stared at him, speechless.

While words did not come, she focused intently on his looks. Dark, wavy hair; brown eyes rimmed with thick lashes; a dimpled chin...."Not bad," she thought. He had reached out a hand to steady Kate's elbow. Kate glanced down and felt her stomach do a slow, lazy flip. He had large hands with long fingers tapering down to neatly trimmed nails. His hands looked powerful. Kate had a weakness for strong, masculine hands. The glimpse of hair peeking out from the vee of his button-downed shirt didn't hurt either. "All in all a virile package," she thought.

With a start, Kate realized that seconds had passed as he stood awaiting her response. She glanced up at his face. He had an amused smile as she fumbled for an appropriate response. "Sorry, I'm just having one of those days," she said with an embarrassed grimace. "Great!" she thought. "Real smooth, Kate."

Kate bemoaned to herself, "Just my luck to run into a sexy package like him looking like a middle-aged wreck." Her long, chestnut brown hair had tumbled down from her 'messy' bun. She barely had time that morning to apply mascara much less swipe on some lipstick.

"Not a problem," he said with a smile. "Just make sure you don't run any stop signs on your way. I hear the cops are a bitch in this part of town." With that parting shot, he left Kate standing, open-mouthed and dazed.

"Get a grip, girl. You're a married woman on the down-hill slide to 40," she said to herself. Kate spotted a sign pointing to the fitting rooms. She quickly wound her way through the racks of clothing to reach it. She had better things to dwell upon than a cocky, mysterious man.

Kate entered her fitting room and shut the door behind her with a click of the lock. It was trendy and spacious; a free-standing unit made of wood and steel set strategically in the middle of the women's clothing section. A large mirror completely covered the back wall. There was a fairly large chair made of wood and steel that sat in the corner opposite a bench. Kate dumped her selections on the bench and promptly skimmed out of her shoes and baggy sweats.

She was left standing in her tee shirt, sports bra and expensive baby blue lace thong. Kate took a moment to peruse her reflection in the mirror. "Nice touch," she thought as she focused on the thong. Kate had two splurges she indulged in regularly; a Brazillian wax every 3 weeks and the most expensive lingerie money could buy. She considered it a gift to herself for putting up with her mundane life as a suburban housewife.

Kate peeled off her tee shirt in one fluid movement. Her sports bra was harder to remove as she wrestled herself lose from it. Now she stood there, naked except for her thong. She surveyed her reflection again in the mirror. "Not bad for almost 40," she thought to herself. Her breasts were fulland perky; the aureolas dark; the nipples large and sensitive to the touch.

Kate raised her hands to cup her breasts, lightly running her thumbs over her nipples. Unbidden, a picture flashed in her mind: the sexy stranger with the sardonic smile and deep brown eyes. Kate pictured him in her mind, standing behind her, cupping her breasts and lightly running his thumbs over her nipples. The thought was a sucker punch to her clit. Immediately, Kate felt the first wave of arousal hit as her clit swelled and hardened.

She reached down to run her thumb lightly over the lace clad clit. She continued to play with her left nipple; pinching it with ever increasing pressure. She watched herself in the mirror. The twin pleasures of watching and touching were quickly stoking Kate's desire. She lowered her thumb further down until she felt herself stroking the wetness of her pussy. "Face it, Kate," she said to herself. "You're a horny bitch." She grinned at her reflection.

Kate wasn't a conventional beauty. The lines of her face were a tad too sharp. Her bottom lip full and luscious, her top lip thinner. She had striking eyes, though, the color of a turquoise green sea. As Kate's desire deepened so did the blue of her eyes.

Now Kate reached around behind her and quietly unlocked the fitting room door. "If I am going to play the game," she thought, "I might as well go all the way." She enjoyed sex in public places. The possibility of getting caught added to the thrill for her.

Kate turned back to her reflection in the mirror. Already the flush of excitement had swept over her chest and turned her face red. Kate pulled the chair from the corner placing it in front of her so she was facing the seat facing her. It was the perfect height to prop one delicately arched foot upon.

Kate spread her legs wide for a better view in the mirror. She started by squeezing her breasts again. This time she wasn't gentle. She was massaging them roughly and pinching her nipples harder. Each pinch sent a wave of pleasure directly to her clit. She began breathing a little faster as her mouth dropped slightly open. Kate licked her lips to wet them.

Watching herself in the mirror, Kate began to fantasize about her mystery man. She imagined him watching her from behind, their eyes locked together in the mirror. Her hands quickly dropped to her lace covered pussy. It was now soaking wet. A soft moan escaped her lips. Kate imagined her mystery man stroking her pussy lips lightly with his fingers, occasionally brushing upwards against the swollen hardness of her clit. Her own hands followed the path of her thoughts.

In her mind, Kate heard him whisper commands into her ear. The dialogue flowed and her pussy grew more wet by the second. "Squeeze your nipples harder, Kate. Yes! Dip your finger into your pussy. Feel its wetness. Does it feel good Kate? Feel the tightness of your pussy, Kate. Taste it, Kate. Suck on your finger for me and tell me how you taste. Does this feel good, Kate?"

She slid in a finger. She was wet. Oh, so wet. She moaned again, a little louder. Kate sucked the salty sweetness of her pussy from her finger. She reached down again and slid two fingers into the slick wetness of her tight pussy. "God," she thought, "I am dripping!"

She heard his voice in her head again. "Fuck yourself, Kate," he commanded. "I want you to fuck your pussy! Fuck your tight pussy, now!!" And she did; slowly at first, pulling her pussy lips apart and then plunging her fingers back in. "Hard!" Kate heard him say. She brushed her clit with her thumb on each stroke. She knew that this was just the foreplay. She continued her rhythm of fucking herself slowly then plunging in hard and stroking her clit.

As her climax began to build, Kate impatiently pushed aside the lacey thong. Her hairless pussy was revealed, her full pussy lips, her swollen clit slick with her juices ooozing. Kate imagined her mystery lover kneeling down in front of her. He was spreading her pussy wide with his large hands, exposing her moist wetness and hardened clit.

Kate imagined him licking her. And licking her. And licking her. She imagined his long, smooth strokes from her clit all the way down. She thought of him plunging his tongue deep into her pussy; then back out and up again. She thought of him repeating the motion over and over.

Kate threw back her head and watched herself through half-opened eyes. She was masturbating rapidly now as she continued her fantasy. He was hot. He was confident. He was playing her like no other. Her arousal heightened even more as she became aware of the muted conversations outside her fitting room door. The risk of someone opening it unexpectedly excited her even more.

The first wave of pleasure rose from her pussy. It spread outward and upward. Kate moaned louder in pleasure. She was fucking herself faster. Rubbing her incredibly swollen clitoris with rapid movements of her finger. Her climax was rising rapidly. Kate felt sexy, alive and incredibly horny. She rubbed her clit faster and moaned as her climax began to peak.

Kate threw her head from side to side and shut her eyes. "Faster," she thought to her mystery man. "Fuck me faster. I need it hard...and fast! I need it now!" She obliged herself, "Oh my God, I'm going to cummmmmm" Kate moaned in a low animal like way.

Just as she climaxed, Kate's eyes flew wide open. She wanted to see herself cum in the mirror. Her eyes widened in surprise as she locked gazes with her mystery man staring at her from the opened door behind her. Kate couldn't stop. Her orgasm took over as she rocked her head back and forth, moaning...... "Fuck me, faster. Oh, God! Fuck me!! Fuck me!!! God, please, fuck me!!!!"

The door closed. And was locked.

Installment 2

All of Kate's senses were heightened as she felt his hands take ahold of her waist.

"Oh, fuck," she said. "What's taken you so long?"

She felt the fabric of his trousers; she could tell his cock was growing hard against the flesh of her tight ass. "Whose cock do you want, bitch?" he whispered.

"Your cock," Kate replied. "I want your cock. Oh fuck, I need it.

She loved it when she heard his pants unzipping. "You horny fucking bitch," he said. "Say it again," Kate said fighting to capture her breath. "Say it, please, say it."

"You fucking bitch," the voice said. His voice drove her mad; it was commanding, at no more than a whisper.

"I want your cock" she replied "I need your fucking cock." He was hard against her ass now. She spread her legs, reached out to lean against the wall of the dressing room, then slightly nudged her ass against him. He began sliding his hard cock up and down between her cheeks.

Austin pushed his hand underneath her waist and found Kate's pussy, still wet and swollen from her masturbation. She reached underneath her stomach, touched her hand to his and pressed it firmly against her wet mound.

He manuevered his finger over her clit; She begin to rock her hips against his finger. A moan momentarily stuck in her throat before escaping her lips. He teased her clit with his index finger, sliding it roughly over her bud. He rubbed it faster and harder as Kate begin wiggling in delight. "You fucker," Kate moaned. "Please don't stop...." Her pussy gushed now, she was so juicey. "Make me your whore....." Kate said, lost in a haze of passion. "Make me your fucking whore!"

"Are you ready for my cock?" he responded. Kate was breathless and starving for cock. "Uh huh" was all she was able to utter. "Have you been hungering for it since I saw you earlier" She wanted him, dsperately. "Please...." she moaned. "Please, give it..... to me...... you fucker....."

"Are you?" he asked again, louder, "Are you ready for my cock... you horny, fucking bitch?" With that he slammed his finger into her cunt repeatedly. Kate gasped, "Oh fuck! Ooooh Fucckkkk!!"

It was Austin's intention, though, to make this more than one hot fuck. He grabbed Kate's hips and turned her around. "I'll fuck you alright," he said. "I'll fuck you like a God damned whore. But first I'm going to taste you." Kate looked into this eyes. Fear was creeping in, yet she was overwhelmed with desire. He asked her sternly, "Do you want me.... to eat....your pussy?" It was impossible for her to stop from moaning out loud. "Yes, Oh fuck yes! Eat my pussy, please, eat it.... You fucker!!"

Austin knelt down in front of her waiting, wet pussy and took a long, slippery lick on her pink clit. Immediately, Kate groaned and placed her hand on the back of his head, drawing him closer to her. He touched the tip of his tongue to her clit. She responded by thrusting her hips against his tongue as it lashed her moistened slit. He reached under her ass and pulled her closer to his face, steadying her rocking trembling body.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck yes!!" Kate screamed in ecstasy. Feeling her legs tremble and the wetness he had created, Austin probed his tongue deep inside her. She let out a loud moan while his tongue plunged deep into her cunt. "Make me cum," she implored him. "Please, make me cum!" She felt his now steely hard cock brush against the side of her shaking leg. He licked one finger, then while spreading her cheeks apart, rubbed it around the pinkened hole. He continued flicking his tongue over her hard clit repeatedly.

"My fucker! Oh God, my fucker!!" she screamed, "I'm going to cum!!!" Without hesitation he slid his finger deep into her ass. The tingling sensation overwhelmed her and she shot her juice all over his probing tongue.

"Love it, bitch," he said forcefully. "Fucking love it." He then resumed licking the sides of her wet swollen lips while plunging his finger deep into her asshole. He slowly moved his tongue over her lips, over her thighs, exulting in the feeling of the soft flesh. "Oh, God, I do love it," Kate exulted. "I want you inside me; I need your cock inside me so fucking bad!!!"

He spread her legs apart roughly as he rose and slapped his dick against her now sore clit.
"I'm going to fuck you raw, bitch" Austin told her. He then spread her engorged pussy lips wide and thrust deep into her wet cunt. Kate gasped and began to moan. He held her and began pumping roughly, bucking his hips into her, powerfully thrusting his hard cock into her slippery, wet walls. He pounded her, steadily increasing both the speed and the force. Her cunt was now soaked with juice; it slid down the crack of her ass. I knew you were going to be a tight bitch," he said to her while slamming long shaft inside her.

"You fucker," Kate said, panting. "You... you, fucker..." He continued sliding his hard dick out of her pulsating twat and then ramming it in again, deep. He placed his fingers on her clit and began rubbing the rock hard button. She, in turn, ground her pussy against his dick while he worked it in and out of her slippery hole. "Fuck me. .. Oh God, fuck me... Fuck me... Fuck me..." she said in short, quick breaths that grew louder and louder. His cock continued to bang her pussy hard. He felt her cunt tightening around his huge shaft. "I'm going to cum inside you bitch!" he moaned loudly. Upon hearing Kate clenched her pussy tighter and tighter with each thrust. She sucked his cock deep inside her. His body tensed as he gave Kate's pussy a final thrust. Then, while bearing down on her head, Austin shot his hot load into her raging pussy.

"Take it you fucking bitch,' he said as he let his hot load erupt inside of her. "I ammmmmmm," she quaked. "Oh fucking God. I ammmmmmmmmm."

Installment 3

Kate was bored.

She was, once again, listening to the same stories, eating the same chicken, suffering the same gripes and hearing "mom" said one too many times over dinner. The children were fighting, her husband was stuffing his face and she was tired of smiling through it all. She wanted to experience something new, something exciting, something that would get her juices flowing. Kate needed something to make her feel wonderfully alive again.

She felt that she was over the hump of 40. She was a housewife, a cook, a nurse, a therapist, a maid, and a nanny. Once in awhile she got to be a sexual kitten. That event, unfortunately, seemed to be a rare occurence. It depended on time constraints and the willingness of her husband, after yet another long work day, to even consider her needs as a woman. She was in a rut; and screaming to get out. Was there anyone listening?

The phone rang. Her husband didn't move; this was no surprise. His response was inaudible when she said she would answer the telephone. "Hello," she said in a voice belying what she was feeling inside. "After lunch tomorrow; I want you." Kate almost dropped the phone; it was the voice. That rich, powerful voice she exulted in while being fucked raw earlier in the day. That voice that reminded her of honey, oozing over flesh, waiting to be licked.

"Yes," she said, struggling to hold it together. "I would like to have that time. Thank you for calling." He told her to stop at the desk and ask for Austin. "Yes, that will be fine," she replied. "I think we should have lunch," he said. "Yes," said Kate, her pussy quickly growing wet. "Then, I'm going to take you home. And fuck the living hell out of you, bitch" he told her. "That will be perfect," Kate said. "Thank you for calling."


Thanks to my collaborators Horny Housewife, A Wild Irish Rose and Mistress Regina. If you're interested in adding an installment to the story email it to me.


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