Monday, November 09, 2009

Tyra Banks, Her Supermodel Body Is Back

An unflattering photograph of Tyra Banks in a swimsuit was circulated by the media two years ago. The shot received heavy exposure on the Web. Her response was to tell the world to kiss her fat ass.

The supermodel turned actress turned TV host is famous for championing "real beauty." On the season premier of her talk show she revealed her real hair and is, reportedly, no longer wearing wigs.

Tyra wore a size 14-16, according to media accounts, for two years. Then, last month, she appeared in a new photo shoot showing off her slimmed down size 8 body.

I'd say Tyra Banks' "new body" looks like the supermodel body that made her famous...


coolbus18 said...

To me she's a fine lady big or not.Without her the Victoria Secret's catalogs are populated with a bunch of anorexic teenagers that couldn't project 1/10 of 1% of her personality.Thanks for this celebrity spot light.

Heather in Beautiful BC said...

What's up with her summery white (ill-fitting) dress paired with black boots and black gloves. If that's supposed to be 'glam' someone might have made a wee mistake! IMO

Tyra is a beautiful woman :)

Unknown said...

it is a shame that people want to judge other people by their looks alone. Tyra is a beautiful lady regardless of her weight. quit being superficial and look beyond to the inner being