Thursday, December 03, 2009

Joanna Krupa, The Next Victoria's Secret Angel?

Victoria's Secret is well known for its angels.

Combine the Victoria's Secret brand with PETA's gift for attention grabbing and it leads you to Joanna Krupa, the Polish beauty who has been hailed as the sexiest swimsuit model in the world.

Recently Joanna Krupa garnered much attention from her appearance on Dancing With The Stars and appearing on the cover of Playboy. Today, though, tongues will be wagging about her association with PETA.

Yes, Joanna Krupa has done spots for PETA in the past, in the well known I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur campaign, but that doesn't compare with the current promotion being done by the animal rights group.

These are the photographs of Krupa being unveiled today...

It's not difficult to find men who look upon Joanna Krupa as a goddess, and I'd say she does make a scorching hot angel.

That naturally leads to the question: Will Joanna Krupa being the next Victoria's Secret angel?


Unknown said...

if i were a man she could be my angel!!!!! great pics also

Casey said...

PETA really knows how to get the word out. Wow!

coolbus18 said...

A good choice. She strikes me as wholesome