Sunday, August 13, 2006

A Philosophy Of Success

"Keep away from small people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great." - Mark Twain

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A Philosophy Of Success
By TheAnnointedOne

Did you do your best? That question has been a guiding force in my life. It is the question my father asked when I brought my school report card home. It is the question I ask myself at the end of every day. It is the question I ask my team now that I serve as President of a company.

After graduating from college, I chose to pursue an opportunity with a small business. This decision came easily when I weighed it against the job offer presented for a position in pharmaceutical sales.

I wanted something that would challenges me; something that would provide a broad range of opportunities; something that would allow me to make a difference in the life of an organization. In short, every day I would be tested to know if I was doing the best job possible.

WeBeGreat Corporation is the company with which I chose to pursue a career. WeBeGreat is a direct marketing firm that provides services for commercial firms. We also recruit blood donors. Over the past eight years I have had the opportunity to work with new businesses as well as some of the best known companies in the nation.

There are things I have learned through this experience that, I am confident, will benefit any organization. One thing is certain. It is critical to understand, and to convey to everyone in your company, that the performance of each individual contributes to the success or failure of the endevaor in which you are involved.

Our business, at WeBeGreat, is all about providing superior service. Dedication to excellence is the driving force for us. I am confident, due to this philosophy, that we have some of the most satisfied clients of any company in the direct marketing industry.

The success our company has achieved, I believe, is based on creating a team environemnt. Each member of the team is assigned tasks that not only utilize their talents but challenge them; they are given the freedom to excel; and we provide new, more responsible assignments to those who excel.

I learned very quickly that the most valuable employees are those that solve problems. Every challenge has an answer to overcome it. Once you identify this, you can spend the majority of your time making progress on issues instead of worrying about them.

It is critical for a person to be confident in their own decision making ability. Too often, I see people that are timid to make a decisions. This causes ideas or plans to stall. Often, the wrong decision made quickly is much more effective than the best decision being made after taking too long to analyze it.

Since I began holding management positions, the individuals that have had an inner drive to succeed are the ones that have been most successful. This trait can not be taught, coached or cultivated. Find people that want to succeed, provide very clear end goals and allow people to achieve those objectives. That is the roadmap to success.

I believe strongly that I would rather have someone ask for forgiveness than ask for permission. People are given responsibilities and the authority to make decisions. It is critical to allow them to do that consistently. It gives people more personal freedom, more confidence and allows them to learn much faster than if they were taught every step of the way.

Put every member of your team in a position to say answer yes when asked if they did their best on any given day. Your company will thrive beyond your imagination if you are succesfull in doing that.

I invite your to visit our website at If direct marketing is not yet part of your success strategy, WeBeGreat is prepared to do the job that takes you where you want to go. Otherwise, we are able to partner with an existing direct marketer; to be sure they are doing the best possible job for you. Beyond that, come and visit us to see what makes WeBeGreat a world class organization.


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