Friday, August 11, 2006

{Toilet} Paper Tiger and George W{imp} Bush MIA

"The man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones." - William Faulkner

Photograph by Kilroy_60

How many countries in the world face the question of whether they have the right to exist? How many countries are bordered by nations that want nothing more than to destroy them? I don't know the answer to "how many" in either case. I do know one country that qualifies in both cases, the State of Israel.

I do not agree with everything Israel does. I wish at times that Israel conducted itself differently than it does. I want Israel to work things out with the Palestinians so they will have a sovereign state.

I admire the courage of the Israelis. I believe Israel is right to do what is necessary to maintain its security and to ensure the safety of its citizens. Which brings us to the hostilities of the past month, the (toilet) paper tiger called the United Nations and the spineless response of the United States of America as directed by George W. Bush.

Since September 11, 2001, George W. Bush has spoken of The War On Terror. It seems that any time he can, regardless of how far he has to stretch, if it serves his need he evokes the events of September 11th and speaks of The War On Terror.

The events of the past month in the Mid-East have been THE DEFINITION of Terror. There has been one player conspicuously missing in this drama. The United States of America led by George W. Bush.

I may be mistaken, but I believe that for several years the government of Lebanon has basically surrendered the southern region of it's country to the terrorist group Hezbollah. The terrorists have established strongholds in this town and that. The have well fortified bases of operations.

A month ago Hezbollah kidnapped two Israeli soldiers near the border of Israel and Lebanon. Israel responded with force sending in its Air Force and began shelling Hezbollah. The terrorists, of course, had positioned themselves where they were surrounded by civilians. Which meant that there were immediately civilian casualties and Israel's actions were condemned.

There has been significant damage to the Lebanese infrastructure, including the Beirut airport and the national highways system, as Israel sought to cut off supply lines to Hezbollah who is being supported by Syria and Iran. Israel has repeatedly asked Lebanese civilians to leave the area so they will be out of harm's way while continued airstrikes and rockets pinpoint Hezbollah outposts and bunkers.

How did the Administration of George W. Bush respond? Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice was going to go to the Mid-East. And then she was not going to go. And then she was going to go. And then she Rome for a G8 Summit. Rice held out when they sought to call for a ceasefire. Our leaders put on a shameful display as rockets rained down upon Lebanon and Hezbollah bombed Northern Israel day after day after day.

This past week Israel began a ground assault. It had become clear that as well dug in as the terrorists are, attacking from the air and with missles is not going to get the job done. As Hezbollah was allowed to function as a state within a state, it is somehow Israel that is bearing the brunt of damnation from the world community for the current state of affairs.

As far as I'm concerned responsibility for the current situation rests on the shoulders of the Lebanese government, the United Nations and the United States government.

Lebanon allowed Hezbollah to set up shop and have done nothing for years to kick them out. The United Nations has had troops on the ground in Lebanon for decades. {Remember when the United States Marine barracks was 1983!!!} And finally, the response of the United States government has been absolutely worthless.

If we are fighting a war on terror, it should not have been the Israeli Air Force flying missions alone over Lebanon. The United States military should have been there doing everything possible to wipe Hezbollah off the map forever. But our forces are stretched paper-thin in Afghanistan {where the victories we won are slowly but surely being eaten away} and Iraq {where the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is admitting that the country is moving closer and closer to Civil War if it is not there already}.

Today there are reports that the {toilet} paper tiger is about to announce a resolution that will cease military operations. Israel and Lebanon are said to be ready to agree on specific wording. I fail to see what difference yet another resolution is going to do. Hezbollah has operated in spite of an existing resolution. The UN had resolution stacked on top of resolution stacked on top of resoltuion stacked on top of resolution related to Iraq from the time that Bush I supposedly led America to a victory in the first Gulf War. There are resolutions against North Korea and Iran; they continue doing whatever the hell they want to do.

The solution to stopping the war between Israel and Lebanon is simple. Eliminate the terrorists. It is your move, President Bush. How serious are you about The War On Terror?


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