Saturday, December 16, 2006

As The Days Grow Short And The Wind Blows Cold

Seasonal Affective Disorder, sometimes known as The Winter Blues or SAD depression, plagues many people as the days grow short and the wind blows cold.

SAD Lights are proven to offer an effective solution to the problem.

There is extensive research related to the benefits of light therapy to address symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder. Tailoring your therapy based on the level of discomfort is an essential consideration. As with any such problem, some people require more while others get by just as well with a light dose. Excuse the pun. 8-)

I know a number of people who suffer from cases of The Winter Blues. For my friend MarthaStewartLite's mother, Winter Blues didn't beginng to cover it. It was definitely SAD depression. It seemed to start for her soon after we "fall back" with the autumn time change and get worse as the weeks pass. Last Christmas, though, MarthaStewartLite bought SAD lights for her mother, TheSpecialOne and for me. Her mother experienced wonderful results right away. She hasn't been having any Winter depression this year at all.

TheSpecialOne uses her light in the living room; gaining benefit herself while doubling it's use to provide additional light for plants as well. The color of the light is so much different, bluish instead of the common yellow glow of most light bulbs you buy from the store.

As for me, I frequently don't sleep well. Which would explain why I'm blogging about Seasonal Affective Disorder at 1:30 am. The photographs I have published of The Writer's Nook were shot last year, before I received the lamp from MarthaStewartLite. I use my SAD light as a desk lamp. Based on some of the clients I work with and what challenges that involves, SAD can have greater emphasis.

I do enjoy, when I wake up early, sitting in the office alone, in the dark. It's a great time for contemplation. There is rarely a car that goes by at that time in the morning; just a few random lights. It's a good time to contemplate the questions of life. I do think, though, that being exposed to the SAD light helps me avoid bouts with The Winter Blues.

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Mother of Invention said...

I've wanted to try them but thought they were quite expensive. I miss the sun but I don't get severely depressed...just cabin fever a bit. (I miss my husband when he skis so much in the winter, racing etc.)