Saturday, December 16, 2006

Post Sponsored by: Pay Per Post

For about the past week and a half I have been blogging for Pay Per Post. I'm not sure you could have missed it when I have been publishing four posts most days.

I made a point of "announcing" that I would be doing Pay Per Post when I started. It is important to me that it "fits" within the context of The Gonzo Papers.

Frequently I mention Pay Per Post within the text of what I'm writing. I have never purposefully not mentioned it; there have been posts where it hasn't fit into the flow of the commentary or if just didn't seem necessary. There have been instances, although few, where the posts were obviously ads.

Pay Per Post is introducing a new policy on Monday stating that "their" posts are clearly identified. The news broke today in the Techcrunch. Here's the story: get paid to blog.


Mohawk Chieftain said...

I just had a red cedar fence installed in our yard, to keep Quigley Irwin Wiggly from wandering and, by God, I think I paid by the post too!

Small world....

Mother of Invention said...

Don't think I'd do sounds like it would restrict me and dictate what I should do when I want freedom to do what and when I want to.

Kilroy_60 said...

To bad they didn't charge you by "the yard", Chief. Then you'd have only had to pay for one. 8-)

Mother of Invention, as long as you have been visiting The Gonzo Papers, do you think I would do something where I'm "restricted" or to have someone "dictate" my actions? Actually, the only problem I have had thus far is that one advertiser claimed this was not a "business" blog; even though I talk about my consulting work and their post was spot on business. So goes life in the PR game.

bulletholes said...

so Gonzo has sold out and gone does show.... see ya in the next life