Friday, December 08, 2006

Channel Surfing

Would it play too much on the sterotype about men clicking from channel to channel if I talk about television shows?

{*} I've been watching the new show, from the producers of Deal Or No Deal, 1 vs. 100 since it started. I like it. The woman tonight knocked out 93 members of The Mob and won $167,000. I think that's the best anyone has done. I was happy to see her do so well; she, as Stephen Colbert would say, had the balls to get the job done.

{*} Show Me The Money, on the other hand, I only needed to watch once to know I didn't like it. William Shatner seems out of his element; he's trying too hard to be entertaining. As for the "Million Dollar Dancers", I'd have to say I think they're over priced.

{*} I do like Shatner in Boston Legal. That's become one of my favorite shows. Candice Bergen's character doesn't work for me. I do think having a female as one of the main partners is a good touch.

{*} As a spiritualist I get a kick out of My Name Is Earl and as a consultant I love The Office.

{*} A new show I like is Brothers & Sisters. Naturally I find the ever so Republican character that Calista Flockhart plays interesting. Truly, though, this show has a great cast and intriguing storylines.

{*} There are three shows I find interesting, but don't watch any of them regularly. Lost, Daybreak and The Nine. I'm not sure if I did watch regularly that I'd understand them any better; continuity doesn't seem to be especially important from one episode to the next.

{*} There's no need to say that I like Deal Or No Deal, is there?

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Anonymous said...

Would agree about My Name is Earl and The Office. My favorite show, however, is Friday Night Lights which is the best show in a long time to explore relationships and not from a Polly-Annish view.