Friday, December 08, 2006

Google Search: Maui Wedding Packages!

One reason I get along so well with TheSpecialOne is that we make each other laugh.

Last night we were in bed watching huge snowflakes brushing against the window. The conversation worked it's way around to honeymoons. Funny how bridal lingerie would lead to such a conversation. 8-D

Having been to Cape Cod last year, a vacation we'd talked about for years, we narrowed our list down to a top five.
  • Hawaii - I'd love to see Kilauea volcano. And where else can you wade in the ocean one day and ski the next?
  • Arizona - Most people don't visit the North Rim so we agreed that would be perfect.
  • Colorado - We're in the Mile High Club, but neither of us have ever been to Denver.
  • Alaska - There was an episode of Northern Exposure that focused on a B&B...and procreating under The Northern Lights.
  • South Carolina - We met at Hilton Head. It seems like a good place to start a marriage.
Tonight when I came back from shooting the sunset I found papers sitting on top of the printer. Google Search Results for...Maui Wedings!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! A Wedding... wow! I think I am jealous! ~M All the best!

Kilroy_60 said...

No, ~M, no wedding. TheSpecialOne enjoys lingerie. There's something about brides...and virginal white. Needless to say, one doesn't have to be a bride to wear bridal lingerie.

As for the talk about honeymoon spots, it was playful, in the midst of other play. And the Google printout was the joke that topped it off. Actually, it was the joke that led into the next round of play. 8-)