Sunday, December 10, 2006

Deals On Christams Gifts...And Cash Back Too!

One thing I learned early in life. If you do not ask you are likely not to receive. Another is that deals providing mutual benefit are the best ones to make.

At a time when coupon and deal sites are plentiful, is agressively pursuing customers. A twist this website offers, numerous cashback offers!

Looking through the Pay Per Post opportunities, I was attracted to this one because this website is pursuing customers more actively than others. The wide variety of offers clearly benefit both the company and the customers.

Among the best cash back offers I saw here are a Prepaid T Mobile To Go phone and a Cingular Go Phone, both free!

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Anonymous said...

Caption for the photo
"...I said 'Don't Look Ethel!!! But it was too late. He'd took a free shot and got out thru the consession stand!"

(borrowed from Ray Stephens hit "The Streak" from back in the day.)